5 things about marketing for Millennials B2B

Today's workforce consists of three generations of employees, and this year, one is composed of the 50 percent of all: the Millennials. In 2020, the generation Millennial will constitute half of the world's workforce, and companies B2B (business to business) who want to connect with these digital native decision makers will have to plan their strategies with a focus on marketing digital.

Not all strategies marketing digital they serve when it comes to reaching Millennials effectively as it is a market with changing trends. Nevertheless, we have some stereotypes that Millennials have made them known and that many times it does not coincide with how they really make decisions for their purchases and also with the way they want to work in companies when they make those decisions during the purchase cycle in B2B.


With more than 70% of the Millennials involved in purchasing decisions B2B, behaviors and preferences are important factors in any type of plan marketing. Nevertheless, companies that want to integrate this segment in their market will have to act carefully when approaching them, and it is highly imperative to separate fact from fiction when it comes to understanding what factors influence the purchase options of Millennials.

This time we will show you five things, that some will be to discredit one of the misconceptions about Millennials that B2B companies need to know to effectively engage with this market.


As usual, we know that Millennials they are always on the net, but thanks to that they are dealing with the overload of technology and many of them yearn for a break from their digital life, and it is understandable then for a generation that wakes up with its smart phones, asks Alexa to check her calendar and the first thing to do when getting up is to check her mail and social networks, work can often turn into anxiety. All of these things are also reasons why Millennials have gone from wanting a lot of contact with technology to preferring real life and contact.

This is why when it comes to making important business decisions, the Millennials prefer to have interactions in person. According to a survey by Ketchum, the 61% of the Millennials prefer to conduct their business meetings face to face. So a good option is to meet them over a coffee or schedule a time to chat with them over dinner or if the case is a B2B shopping trip, the Millennials seek more in-person contact and less digital contact.


When we talk about Millennials It is also important to note that more than 76% of them prefer to build a personal relationship with a supplier or partner than to read a company's email. Any piece of material from marketing digital that is generic sent to Millennials is likely to overlook. It is extremely important to find out as much as you can about the background, the needs and desires of potential buyers in this market segment because in this way you can generate a greater impact on them and empower them as customers.

In Webtrabajos, thanks to our own research, we discovered that buyers B2B Millennial They do not like or are not attracted to being offered additional services or products that they do not need. The Millennials in business they feel qualified to determine their own needs for products and services and this is why they will likely shy away from any communication that drives massive offers.


When searching for information about a product or service, buyers of B2B Millennial rely heavily on the recommendations and opinions of other people based on information published on online channels such as websites, emails, product review forums, or in the media such as commercial news sources, trade publications, among others. They have the utmost confidence in their business and industry colleagues, and even the word of family and friends is highly appreciated.

B2B buyers Millennial they also see industry professionals as trusted sources, So a good strategy for companies is that they would do well to have their representatives act as opinion leaders within their sectors or specialties., this in order that as representatives, this will be a way to gain credibility with each other through thought leadership, In addition to this strategy, we want to leave you others that will surely help to potentiate this market in your business, for example:

  • Use a section of the website of your company as a platform to blog about the industry in which you work.
  • Connect with other industry opinion leaders so you can contribute content to your platforms.
  • Publication of other useful materials, as our research shows that guides and white papers are some of the most popular forms of content among connected business professionals.
  • Podcasting or creating webinars with other industry experts
  • Participation in industry discussions either in Twitter or joining professional communities such as groups of LinkedIn o Groups of Facebook.


While it is important to demonstrate that corporate social responsibility is authentic, Despite this, this type of factor is not of great importance within the Millennials connected, well consumers B2B Millennial prefer price and performance to working with companies with a social conscience. Statistics show that only the 49% of the Millennials they think it is very important to work with a company that has a strong social purpose, Meanwhile he 81% value more the reliable service you can offer and that on the other hand the 76% prioritize costs.

In addition to the key role that price plays during shopping, we can also observe how B2B you are working with suppliers as separate entities from brands, Well, currently it is taking into account not only who manufactured the product but also who is selling it.

Essentially, why buyers B2B Millennial are opting for measurable items that will help them earn rewards in their jobs. So, although purpose is still a relevant factor, the Millennials they will always seek to focus on their individual needs and their professional development in search of benefits.

Why is it important CLV?


Contrary to the perception that many think that Millennials value work-life balance more than hard work, about the 40% of the Millennials in decision-making roles to conduct their business they spend approximately five hours or more viewing work-related content after hours. This includes reading work emails first thing in the morning either through personal emails or on your social media.. They like to be “always active”, considering it part of his personality, They value their work so much that they are actually moving away from work-life balance and prefer to move toward burnout, only in order to improve your working life.

How Webtrabajos We hope that these tips will be helpful for your business and to expand your market niche, remember that in Webtrabajos you find an ally for your marketing digital and the best advice SEO for you Web page.


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