What is an advertising agency?

It may seem like a basic question with a direct answer, but the modern advertising agency is more complex than it seems.

An advertising agency creates, plans and manages all aspects of a client's advertising. Advertising agencies may specialize in areas such as interactive advertising, or they can be a full service agency that creates advertising materials like websites, social and online campaigns, literature , catalogs , direct mail , print ads , radio and television commercials , and sales letters .

Types of advertising agencies

You can't just paint all ad agencies with the same brush. That would be like saying that all television stations are the same. Yes, they all have very similar functions, but there are many variations that separate them. to get started, there are three different types of agencies:

Above The Line (ATL): These are the big agencies that handle the main accounts and create national and even international advertising campaigns that take a significant part of the client's budget.. His work appears in large television campaigns, n magazines, newspapers and non-traditional media (stunts, guerrilla campaigns).

Below The Line (BTL): These agencies do not have the budgets or recognition of the ATL agencies, but they are still vitally important for the media mix (even more so these days with the prevalence of online ads).

BTL agencies generally handle direct mail, regional announcements, text ads, online text and banner ads. Nevertheless, sometimes they will also handle ATL type accounts, although it is not their daily bread.

Through The Line (TTL): Perhaps the most common of the three, TTL agencies are a combination of ATL and BTL. Create campaigns from soup to nuts, from great stunts, outdoor, television and radio, to microsites and coupons.

Tactics Once Considered BTL Are Getting Big Budgets, including SnapChat campaigns, YouTube, Facebook y Twitter.

In addition to these three basic types, there are also specialized agencies that include:

Digital advertising agencies: these agencies have a primary focus on everything digital. They develop websites, Applications, online campaigns and anything else that is considered digital advertising . While they can also produce print media, radio and even television, its daily functioning has to do with digital.

Healthcare Advertising Agencies: Specialists who focus only on healthcare products and services are needed because these areas can be a legal nightmare to handle. Healthcare advertising agencies handle pharmaceutical accounts, hospitals, medical equipment and anything else deemed too niche for a traditional ad agency.

Financial advertising agencies / technological: just like medical care, the world of finance and technology can be a minefield for trading. These agencies have specialist writers and art directors who know the ins and outs of these topics..
Internal advertising agencies: these agencies are based on a corporation or business and only work for that entity. Whether it's a big brand like Apple or Nike, or something much smaller, they work exclusively on that product or service and are employees of the company itself.


Types of ad agency jobs

  • Typical employees found in an advertising agency include the president of the agency, creative director , account executives , editors, graphic designers and a media director .

    Some agencies also work with freelance writers and / or freelance graphic designers who generally don't work on the site. With more frenquency, smaller ad agencies grow and shrink based on client projects, hiring contractors by the hour, daily or project by project.

Disadvantages of work

This is not a typical nine to five job, and most employees will be asked to work long hours and weekends from time to time.

It's a stressful environment, and layoffs are common. As usual, if a client withdraws an account from the agency, layoffs will continue. Customers can be very demanding and employees may be asked to drop everything to work on an urgent project.


Work benefits

It's a creative environment that combines fun with some great travel opportunities., meet famous people and even put your feet up while drinking a beer with ideas.

Many agencies have areas that allow staff to enjoy a game of pool or darts, relax in bean chairs and even take a nap. Payment can be excellent, and some agencies will grant you unlimited vacation days, not always that I wear them or, hopefully, want.

How would you design and promote an advertising campaign?

An advertising campaign must include the following:

  • A solid marketing plan
  • Advertising budget
  • Media buying and planning
  • Choose the right target audience
  • Selection of the relevant advertising medium
    Consistency in the theme of the campaign and
Why is it important CLV?
Why is it important CV?

What are the various media available for advertising today? Which of them is more successful in your opinion and why?

Media advertising (TV, radio, newspapers, journals)
Direct response advertising
Interactive advertising (online) and websites
External advertising (billboards, posters, who)
Advertising at the point of purchase
Commercial promotions
Consumer promotions
Event marketing sponsorship
Advertising or public relations
Media advertising (TV, radio, newspapers, journals)
Trade magazine advertising
Interactive advertising (online) and websites
Direct mail
Sales literature and brochures
Audiovisual presentation tapes
Sponsorship or event marketing
Exhibitions, Fairs, Conventions
Advertising or public relations.

What are the various ways to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign?

  • The main objective when measuring the effectiveness of any advertising campaign is to evaluate its effect on sales and also on the brand recovery factor. The mathematical equation to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign is:

  • Ad Campaign Effectiveness = Revenue + Return of investment (KING)
    There are several ways to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns:

    Take a survey after the campaign ends
    Proportional increase in sales of that product / particular service
    More customers calling toll-free and prescribed lines
    Redemption of coupons and coupons
    Increase of footfalls in the store to buy product / service
    Higher click on company website.

What qualities does a person need to be successful in the field of advertising?

Advertising is a public announcement, not personal, of a persuasive message from an identified sponsor, the presentation or non-personal promotion by a company of its products to its existing and potential customers.
Commercialization: Planning, systematic implementation and control of a combination of business activities aimed at bringing buyers and sellers together for the exchange or transfer of mutually advantageous products.

The following are the qualities required to be successful in the field of advertising:

Strategic approach
Knowledge and experience in the field of advertising.
Have a relevant qualification in the field of advertising.
Market research orientation
People skills, etc.

How effective is online advertising? What kind of products should be advertised online?

Today, The Internet plays a fundamental role in both the B2B and B2C space. Internet advertising helps the company reach a wide target audience on a small budget and is also easily measurable. It is highly effective in creating and increasing overall brand awareness for any product / service. The following are the various ways to measure the effectiveness of online advertising: online

Download brochures / contact forms
Complete a transaction in the shopping cart section of the website
Newsletter subscription / webinars
Online inquiry about the product / service via company email address
Google analytical
Network analyst.

What would you do if you ran out of ideas for a new ad?

I would do the following if I run out of ideas for a new ad:

Bottle marketing
Direct marketing
Public opinion survey
Fair promotion / exhibitions, etc.

Indicate the difference between advertising and publicity?

Advertising is paid while advertising is not paid.
Ads create short-term momentum, while advertising is more durable and affects the image of the brand.
Normally, advertising is a one-way process (irreversible).


In Marketing, How does communication with the customer? Can you briefly describe the various modes of communication of a leading consumer finance company??

The various modes of communication of a leading consumer finance company can be

Sale promotion
Public relationship or advertising
Personal sale
direct marketing.

What are the main steps to develop an effective marketing program? Can you develop a communication program for a television company for the Indian market? How effective are tours?

An effective marketing program must be developed with an appropriate mix of advertising, sales promotions, public relations, personal sales and direct marketing based on company resources and marketing objective.

Road shows are effective for products that are new models and consumers need to be taught how to use them. Television in India is a mature product. Television features are not new to consumers. Thus, TV road shows may not be a good idea.

If the ads are rational and highlight only one or two functions to position the TV or connect with the consumer, is an effective marketing program.

Is advertising the only way to attract a target market to the product? Explain.

Advertising is not the only way to attract customers to buy the product. Advertising itself cannot sell products or services. It is one of the elements in the product marketing mix, price, place and promotion.

And the four elements of the marketing mix when focusing on consumer satisfaction result in attracting the target consumer to the product or service.. Advertising is an effective tool to communicate, convince and induce buyer behavior


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