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We have the best creative and analytical talents, incredible connections with social media influencers


we analyze data, we do calculations, tried hundreds and even thousands of different ads, images, measurement conversions

If you have a corporate website

Corporate websites are often the most difficult to work. If you have such a web, this is not something you take by surprise, truth? Quiet, We are aware of this difficulty, and we are here to help

If you have an online store

Online stores are a business that is proving very profitable. Nevertheless, If you do not have the marketing skills needed, it can be very difficult to make the takeoff site, Y, Thus, arriving sales.

SEO consulting for your niche

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SEO agency Bogotá Colombia

The SEO positioning your website is the strategy that gets more relevance and visibility give your products or services on search engines. For any type of search you perform most visited websites receive are best positioned. This is a fact.

At our positioning web agency in Bogota We have a team leader in this department as crucial to any digital strategy. It is well positioned it is essential for our future customers find us.

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The SEO is important today to make visible and relevant our web, Or what is the same, our products and services. Search engines are configured using algorithms, where their formulas and updates lead us to conduct a study and research permanently.

SEO agency Bogotá Colombia


User Experience, with his behavior in site navigation, will mark largely, our place in the results of búsqueda.Tenemos to provide the information in an orderly fashion on the web site to search engine robots, to get a good grade of them and thus achieve the objectives we have set ourselves.

SEO positioning search engine

Seo Positioning Web
Your website is the first interactions customers have with your company

Gone are the directory and yellow pages to find the brand that meets your needs. At a click away you'll find everything you're looking for: so does your clients when they are in search of services and products related to your brand. Because, our strategy search engine positioning o SEO, aims to increase the presence of your web pages to the organic results of major search engines.

What are the benefits of hiring a marketing company Internet?

There are many reasons to hire a digital marketing company, but some of the most common include:It provides the necessary skills: a specialist can design a strategy to reach your target market and determine the best channels to do so. Knowledge about the latest tools and trends: any digital marketing company worth should be the day with the latest technology and marketing trends. Generate new ideas: some fresh blood is always good for creative. Stay competitive in your industry: it is likely that your competitors use cutting-edge marketing tactics, so be sure that you are too.

SEO agency Bogotá Colombia

Is it profitable to hire a digital marketing company?

And. Over time, an external agency usually cost less than hiring an internal person for the job. It eliminates the need for payroll taxes, Benefits, health care costs, etc. And when it comes to outbound marketing or PPC campaigns, it pays to have an expert on hand. They can successfully run campaigns and avoid any rookie mistake that can cost you more money.


We analyze the search results on Google and competitors to understand how that is organizing. Pages optimized to improve the user experience. We care every detail of the SEO on page and off page SEO.


The search engine optimization or search engine optimization (English Search engine optimization, SEO) It is a process that aims to increase the visibility of a website to search engines, increasing its position on the results page. Other forms of the market for search engines (of the English Search Engine Marketing, SEM) They are paid lists. Usually, the position of the ranking is related to the number of visits, so the SEO has become quite a business tactic. SEO can be focused to different types of research, for example, of pictures, videos the specific cases.

SEO agency Bogotá Colombia


The search engine optimization considers how search engines work and seeks. Optimization can include editing content to give relevance to keywords. Another SEO strategy is to increase the number of backlinks or links to other web receives páginas.Tener that many sites should create links and a good structure to optimize the passage of spiders google and other search engines or engines search, and achieve a good indexing progressively the keyword long tail, tale tale medium and short position themselves.

¿First results of Google?

Optimizing any website for SEO positioning, named after the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, It is a set of technical disciplines which must be carried out by an expert computer, as the Agency Marketer, in order to make your website get visibility among the top search results on Google. It is very important to note that, only the first five search results, They remain with 75% of user visits. From there, and up to tenth position on the first page, It will stay with another 15%.

SEO agency Bogotá Colombia

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