Google commercial adjustments to improve pedestrian traffic

Your agency recommends all kinds of useful tactics to help improve local SEO for your local business clients., but how many of those techniques are taking advantage of Google's commercial profile (GBP) to attract as many visits as possible?

Today, I share five implementation-worthy GBP settings to help turn digital traffic into foot traffic. I've ordered them from the easiest to the most difficult, but as you will see, even the most difficult ones are not really discouraging, One more reason to try them!

It seems Coast Nissan has a customer who is ready to walk through the door if they get a response. But as you can see, the question has been left unanswered. Keep in mind, too, that four people have rejected the question, which means a shared interest in a possible answer, but it's not on the radar of this particular dealer yet.

Almost all verticals could have overlooked leads in their GBP, from questions about diet options in a restaurant, even if a retailer stores a product, even inquiries about ADA compliance or available parking. Each question represents a potential prospect, and in a competitive retail landscape , Who can afford to ignore such an opportunity?

Answer Google questions and answers

If you have customers from the automotive industry, you're probably familiar with DealerOn's Greg Gifford . At a recent local search conference, Greg shared that the 40 percent of the google question and answer questions your customers receive are actually leads .

The easiest way for Google My Business listing owners and managers (GMB) receive notifications of new questions is through the Google Maps application , since notifications are not yet part of the GMB main panel. This will help you spot questions as they arise. The faster your customer responds to incoming queries, the greater your chances of gaining pedestrian traffic

Post about your proximity to major nearby attractions

imagine someone just spent the morning in a museum, a point of reference, a park or a theater. After exploring, maybe they want to go to lunch, go shopping for clothes, find a gas station or bookstore near them. A well-positioned Google post, like the following, you can guide them directly to the door

This could become an especially strong draw for pedestrian traffic if Google expands its experiment of displaying snippets of posts not just in the business profile and local search engine., but within local packages :

Publishing is so easy – there is no reason to no give it a try. Need help getting your client started? Here's the introduction from Google and an interview I did last year with Joel Headley about using Google Posts to increase bookings and conversions .

Convert money showcase

With a little help from SWIS and Pointy , your retail customers' money can become the showcase that attracts in highly convertible foot traffic. The “See what's in store” of your customer's inventory appears within the Company Profile, allowing them to know that the company has the exact merchandise they are looking for.

Pointy is Google's launch partner for this game-changing GBP feature. I recently interviewed CEO Mark Cummins about the ultra-simple Pointy device that makes it easy for almost all retailers to instantly get inventory online., without the hassle of traditional e-commerce systems and at really nominal cost.

I will reiterate my prediction that SWIS is the “next big thing” local, and the last time I spoke to Mark, one percent of all American retailers had already adopted their product. Encourage your retail customers to sign up and give them an incredible competitive advantage in driving foot traffic!

Make your profile picture a hotspot for selfies

When a customer has a physical premise (and community ordinances allow it), an exterior mural can convert traffic into pedestrian traffic; also helps turn Instagram selfies into clients . As I mentioned in a recent blog post , a modest investment in this strategy could attract 43-58 percent of respondents who get carried away by places that are visually appealing.

Once the client has made the investment to provide a cultural experience for the community, you can try experimenting by putting the artwork as the cover photo in your GBP: Anyone who sees a set of competitors in a given area will see this added attraction.. reason to choose your business over others.

we're about to see americans reject the restricted label of “consumer” in a search for a more holistic view of themselves as whole people. Local companies that integrate art, culture and community life in their business models will be well positioned to respond to what, In my opinion, is a growing desire for authentic human experiences. As a local search marketer, this is a topic that I plan to explore more this year.

Put time on your side

Here's a hobby of mine: companies that serve working people but are only open from 9 a 5. How can your client's foot traffic reach optimal levels if their doors are only open when everyone is at work?

So, this is the task: do a quick audit of the hours posted in sterling of your client's direct competitors. For example, I found three craft stores in a small town at these hours.

However, some of your smaller clients may already be working as many hours as they can, but they have explored if their hours are really ideal for the needs of their clients and if there are no time slots in the community for their competitors? What if, instead of operating under the traditional 9–5, your client switched to 11–7, since no other competitor in town is open after 5 PM? It is the same number of hours and your client would benefit from getting all the foot traffic from the 9-5 years.

Alternatively, instead of closing on Saturdays, the business closes on mondays, Maybe this is the slowest of your working days? Being open on the weekend could mean the average worker can now access said business and become a customer..

GMB movements

It will take some openness to change, but if a company accepts the implementation, don't forget to update the GMB hours and extend the new hours to the major dating platforms through a service like Moz Local

I hope you bring some of these simple GBP tips to an upcoming client meeting.. And if they decide to follow through with their advice, Be sure to monitor the results! How good if a simple hours audit turned into a traffic gain for your client?


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