Personal branding is still one of the best methods to increase the visibility of a single professional or entrepreneur.

Balance SMB affirms that personal branding is the way you, as an individual, stands out within its sphere of influence.

A personal brand is a simple way for potential clients and business partners to know who you are and what you are about.. Like a business, a personal brand is about promoting yourself as a unique individual.

What is personal branding?

The digital marketing blog defines personal branding as the art of developing a brand to market to people and their careers.

In the case of most people, recognition doesn't matter. They are content to be anonymous, even actively looking for it.

For others, especially those who run a business, visibility is critical to getting new business.

Developing a personal brand is more than just what you do in real life. It is a combination of his person, your online presence and interactions you have with others.

Why an entrepreneur should have a personal brand

Building a business can be challenging. If you are starting from scratch, building a business around who you are and what you do is essential.

But who are you really? Most of the clients who approach you as a professional want to know who you are in an elevator pitch. Their personal brand helps them distinguish it of others who do something similar to what you do.

Standing out is just one of the important elements of personal branding. In many fields, name recognition contributes greatly to establishing authority and credibility.

The more people who are familiar with your work, the more likely you are to get new business. Recognition, fame and influence are just a few of the benefits that personal branding can bring. There are several other benefits, including:

Develop a platform

Platforms are your digital space online.

Your followers, customers, Potential employers and the rest of the world will know you based on what you bring to the table. Your platform development will expand with the work you do, and as the number of projects you work on increases, you will be able to scale your platform to suit.

Attract customers

Personal branding tells customers who you are right away.

As your brand grows and gains more visibility, you are likely to attract more and more customers who are actively seeking you based on your reputation alone.

Personal branding puts your name out there and lets potential clients get to know you and your work before they come to you.

Precio premium

How much is your service worth?

Many entrepreneurs are underestimated because they are unknown. Getting a high paying job requires you to be able to prove your skills, and personal brand, along with a constantly updated platform, allows you to display your work in a unique way.

By offering customers the opportunity to see what they are potentially paying for, you can charge higher prices and earn more for your time.


A roadmap for personal branding development

So, How do you create a personal brand that gives you the attention you need to be successful?

Developing a brand takes time and a lot of effort. Nevertheless, if you want to be considered an expert in a particular field, this is where you should start.

Creating a personal brand will not only help your business grow, it will also establish you as someone others can turn to for advice on issues related to your industry.

We can divide the creation of a personal brand into a series of actionable steps.

Paso 1: create a vision

The first thing to do when it comes to personal branding is figure out where you would like to be.

How would you like your audience to perceive you? Like a trademark, a personal brand creates a vision statement.

Your brand vision is a summary of your personality, abilities, objectives, values, interests, where you come from and what stage of development you are in. Looks like this could be a complete project on its own, but actually, you will try to condense this into two or three paragraphs.

Nevertheless, creating the brand vision is only half the work at this stage. The other half is aligning the brand with its values.

In any brand strategy, authenticity is of utmost importance. Your brand message has to align with your core values. The vision should already have its values ​​established, so keeping your brand in line with those values ​​gives you a compass to make sure you know where your brand is going.

Entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do tend to be the most successful. Your core values ​​should describe what your brand does best. Matching your skills with your personality and aligning them with your values ​​helps guide and drive your brand..

With a starting point, an end point and a 'vehicle’ on the move to get there, you are on the way to creating your personal brand.

Paso 2: Calculate your target audience

Even the most innovative products fail if they don't have an audience ready to market.

Your target audience is the people who would benefit the most from your brand's product or service.. As with all commodities, the law of supply and demand affects your products and services. You need to find the demographic of people who want your services and are willing to pay for them.

Finding a niche where you can demonstrate your skill is the most vital part of your branding journey and offers you a target audience to target with your marketing..

You want to develop authority within a niche, and the more specific it is, less competition you will have from others. Many new entrepreneurs launch too wide a network when determining their niche.

If you think you will have a lot of competition within this niche, it might be better to be more specific with what you focus on. You want to become the authority within that small segment of society to be asked for advice.


Paso 3: What makes you unique?

Once you've figured out what niche you are in, you will probably realize that there are already many established brands within it.

You still have to compete against those brands, and the best way to do that is to establish your uniqueness.

When you developed your vision statement, described the core values ​​that you and your brand represent. Now, you can use those core values ​​to determine what sets you apart from other competitors in the field. The personality traits and values ​​that make you unique are the areas you want to focus on.

Paso 4: Create your online presence

An online presence defines a robust personal brand.

And as more and more people turn to the internet for information, Establishing a digital presence is a must for anyone looking to develop a strong reputation.

The number of global internet users in 2020.  Source: Statista

The number of global internet users in 2020, Source: Statista

Keep in mind that an online presence is more than the articles you have written or the videos you have posted.. Is to establish a name to go with the brand. Logos and graphics, even the color schemes, are essential to building an online presence. Depending on what you are looking for, your logo, graphics and website will reflect that.

Why is it important CLV?
Why is it important CV?

Paso 5: develop a blog

As mentioned earlier, a blog is a vital part of your website. Brand blogs must do two things: inform your readers and provide value.

When creating your blog posts for your brand, Those two elements are essential factors in any content you produce.

By consistently delivering value and information with your posts, you'll start to see your blog gain traction and promote your online presence. People value their time and tend to trust brands that don't waste it

Paso 6: create a presence on social media

Social media marketing opens up new possibilities to increase your online presence, as well as securing new leads for your brand.

Nevertheless, just like a corporate brand, personal brands should maintain the same voice and tone as the rest of your branding material.

If you have a social media presence other than your own brand, use a different name and only accept people you know in real life as friends.

The chosen social media outlet should appeal to your target demographic. Being in control of your social media post helps keep your brand message pure and ensures you don't make any mistakes on social media that could lead to massive consequences online for you and your brand..

Paso 7: get your name

Guest blogging and social media already do a lot to help personal branding efforts, but there are other less explored methods to do it.

Locally, you can harness the power of business cards, even if they're a bit old-fashioned. Having a business card provides a level of professionalism and can be seen as a status symbol for older generations..

Online, you can consult resources such as Quora or Help a Reporter Out (HARO). Quora allows it lend your expertise to areas where you know, while HARO gives you the opportunity to offer a journalist a quote that could appear in a report or news article. All of this helps make your name known as an expert or authority within your niche.

personal brand

Paso 8: Find a mentor

No man is an island, and although the term “personal brand” it seems like it's about you, Actually, it is not.

All successful entrepreneurs have mentors, and finding someone you can follow and learn from is crucial to your success. When your personal brand starts to gain traction, influencers within your field will start to notice.

From there, you must decide who is the most important help to you and where you want to be as a professional. Your mentor is there to guide you and help you achieve success.

Ready your personal brand for success

In today's society, people are tired of fake branding and fake authenticity. Your brand needs to represent you as a person and should align with your core values ​​and beliefs..

You should not manufacture a person to connect with others. Instead, tap into your true personality and use it to attract your followers.

As a last resort, you want to be the go-to person for your niche and a name your customers can trust. If that's the case, Shouldn't you let them take a look at the real you?


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