How to market your brand in uncertain times

Be sure to read this because you want to make changes. Uncertain times are not easy for all of us. But they give us an impulse to advance and evolve the businesses that we are managing. In this article, I will share some digital marketing ideas that, hopefully, will help you market your brand more effectively in times of recession.

The world economy has recently experienced a triple attack caused by rising gas prices, sudden inflation and a current recession. This economic storm causes people to reconsider their values. Today, we see everyday things in a different light. We try to filter out what we shouldn't be thinking now and focus only on the most important things.

brands should rethink marketing and how to adapt to the new normal

People are fed up with an obvious and obvious promotion, they just need solutions to their problems. If they could probably see one or two irrelevant ads on their Facebook feed before, they will be blocked today (and you're lucky if they don't write angry comments under your ads or on your business page). It doesn't mean that people have become more aggressive, but they become more decisive, understand what they really need and try to abandon things that distract them from their main goals.

Brands must investigate emerging customer needs, comply with them and provide the greatest possible value. These practices can be useful.

Listen to your target audience and research their new needs

Brand marketing must react to changes experienced by a target audience. The quickest and easiest way to define the real needs of your customers is to research what your target audience says about your brand and industry-related topics on social media..

Social networks are huge sources of information, as well as the most vulnerable areas for a brand's reputation. It is the first place where customers share their needs, experiences, product reviews and negative comments. In the digital age, companies must stay connected with their customers on social media, on the one hand, and monitor how they react to new initiatives, on the other hand. There are many tools for listening on social media that can help you track brand mentions and see why people are most anxious right now..

Continuously monitor your brand's heartbeats on social media so you can react to a crisis right away.

Be loyal to your customers to earn their loyalty.

Nowadays, making sales and discounts will not harm your income, but, Conversely, can generate fast growing customer loyalty, brand awareness and higher conversion rates.

Take steps towards more humane interaction with your customers. You can notify people that your brand is responding to the current Coronavirus recession by making special offers., discounts and taking special measures aimed at improving the consumer experience with your brand. You can spread the news of your company by running email campaigns, using digital advertising, Posting articles on your blog or simply posting updates to business profiles on social media.

If your company has its own mobile application, can be useful if you inform users who send them notifications in the app about the news. Usually, a mobile application adds value to a business . In addition to social networks, seems to be another effective channel to communicate with your customers and increase audience engagement.

Being loyal to your clients, will increase their loyalty to you. It will help you improve the reputation of a brand, increase customer retention and convert more sales.

Optimize your brand's messaging to new customer needs and objectives

Companies must adapt to new challenges in 2020. It is time to rethink your company's values ​​and align them with customer objectives. You can gain a better understanding of your audience by listening to it on social media, conducting short surveys on your website or emailing them.

Armed with this invaluable insight from the target audience, you can optimize your brand's messages for the consumer's reality. Adjust your content on the company's blog and social media profiles to the topics that are most relevant to your people now. You can post guides, procedures, myth debunkers that will help solve real user problems. And don't forget to add a pinch of fun to your content. Encourage your audience and motivate them to move through this difficult period.

Humanize your brand voice

Many people are trapped at home. Many of them lost their jobs. Someone's business is struggling. In these difficult times, companies must rethink their messages and fill them with understanding and empathy. They should humanize a brand voice in the media.

You can start by optimizing your social media content. The truth is in balance: your posts shouldn't be deaf, but it also doesn't mean that they should be full of pessimism. Brands need to look at how they can help their people instead of launching something now.

Are you inspiring? You can share quotes and videos that lift the spirit and help motivate us to overcome all challenges together. You can also post funny GIFs and memes because we need a laugh these days too. Try to be more “human”.

Why is it important CLV?

Apply basic crisis management concepts

We shouldn't be the crisis management professionals, but we must be aware of some essential elements to solve some of the most important brand problems. In this days, investing more resources and efforts in quality customer service is essential. Now, consumers need your help and assistance like never before. The difficulties caused by the Coronavirus recession make us feel more stressed. Providing professional and timely support, your brand can avoid not only negative customer emotions and eliminate stress, but also boost public loyalty to a brand.

It is also recommended to continuously monitor your brand reputation in the media, including social media, news sites, forums, blogs, journals, etc. The social media listening tools mentioned above will help you detect negative mentions and estimate user sentiment. It will help you stay informed about negative comment points that require your special attention and problem-solving skills to save a brand's reputation.

Try to openly communicate with your customers and update them on all changes. The fastest way to deliver information to people is by making an announcement and updating the status on your social media profile.. You must also provide official information about changes on your company website.

Not sell but help

You just need to put on your clients' shoes to understand what they need. When i do, you will probably feel that they need to solve their problems in the easiest and most effective way possible. Try to give it to the clients. The promotion “no sales” works better today. It means you need to think about how you can help people with the content you share.. They appreciate the value you deliver and will be more willing to listen to your next brand message that may slightly mention your product as the key to solving your problem..

Take advantage of the explanatory videos

Don't underestimate the importance of effective user enrollment, It is what can help you improve the customer experience and reduce requests to a support team.. You can use an explanatory video to educate customers on how to use your product or service and how they can benefit from using it.. Animation and explanatory videos are one of the most effective methods of transferring complicated information in an attractive and easy-to-understand way..

Marketing Blog

The company's blog is a perfect place to share valuable news and insights provided by its experts.. When posting articles, relevant and quality studies and guides on your blog, can add additional value to your audience, attract more attention to your brand, boost website traffic and earn customer loyalty. It will help you build positive customer relationships and convert more sales.


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