How to create the right video experiences for your brand πŸš€-πŸ”₯

How to create the right video experiences for your brand

With in-person audience connections on hold due to COVID-19, the video is taking center stage.

But, What filming formats, conversation features and delivery options work best for your audience and goals ?

Before taking that webcam, open a video chat app or upload that stream of awareness conversation to the social platform of your choice, use this guide to make decisions. It will help ensure that the video resources you create fit your marketing purpose. Y provide a worthwhile spectator experience.

Gain clarity about the goals that drive your decision making

At the beginning of any project, Consider why you choose to connect and what you want that interaction to achieve. Your goals must take into account all decisions, from how the experience will be shaped to how your audience will interact with the video and apply their knowledge.

What is the main objective of your video to help your brand achieve?

  • Customer service: Do you want to distribute objective information or technical assistance to customers who have purchased your products??
  • Brand awareness: Looking to generate an initial interest in your brand or increase awareness of its offers, vision and values?
  • Sales enablement: Looking to generate demand and leads or help your sales team generate revenue through your video efforts?