How to stop wasting money on content marketingπŸš€-πŸ”₯

How to stop wasting money on content marketing

Strategy sessions may not be a new activity for your team, but you need them to have a new approach: a focus on not wasting marketing money.

It became so popular that companies got curious and started Googling any information they could get to create content that would help them grow. Organizations now have content teams with specific people and resources that focus exclusively on creating content, using it to target specific audiences and drive business.

But since the managers are screaming, ” Get us real results of your content!” Marketing and content teams are literally yelling too: “We are doing everything possible but we do not know how to generate the results you are looking for through the content!”

Nevertheless, some teams manage to implement content marketing and get results.

Others use it not so well and waste hard earned money.

An important way to know which camp your team belongs to is to see if their methods haven't changed., for how companies implemented content marketing approximately seven years ago.

But now there is a suffocating problem

It is much more difficult for these teams to get results from the content they publish, especially for those who don't have a committed audience yet.

And for the most part, This fight is the result of the madness of all companies for being on social networks..

Each organization has made a point to “educate” to your audience daily.

They are on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, on blogs, emails, SMS, incessant push notifications ( whatever is!) Creating billions of amounts of content.

Unfortunately, providing content that they (and all of us) produce now is much more than most people can assimilate.

Methods have changed

managers are breathing into the neck of their marketing teams, asking for profit from your content spending.

Every time an organization published new content, useful or entertaining, his audience paid attention to him almost immediately and began to share (assuming they find it useful.

For the most part, this was because it was something cool and new that was happening: that companies went out to share content that helped people, without actually asking them to buy or pay for anything.

further, not all companies were doing this, so the amount of content in circulation at the time was no more than what people could absorb.

The methods of getting people's attention through content have changed from what it was a few years ago. 5-10 years.

For 2015, the number of shares of 50% of published articles had decreased to no more than eight actions per publication.

People had become much more difficult to please with the content.

The same type of content that used to excite them no longer did, because they had been exposed to more content than ever before.

Strategy sessions with a new approach

Strategy sessions may not be a new activity for your team, but you need them to have a new approach: a focus on not wasting marketing money.

Sit alone or with your team and design a way to do three important things:

  • Create the type of content your audience won't ignore.
  • Distribute content so that, definitely, reach your target audience.
  • Get real business results ( KING ) the content you post.

These are not tasks that you can copy from another organization or from a successful competitor.

How these three tasks are carried out will differ from company to company, considering the dynamics, the objectives and available resources.