How we are navigating the new content marketing๐Ÿš€ ๐Ÿ”ฅ

how we are navigating the new content marketing

Almost every person and every organization experiences disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The classic s phrase echoes in my mind: "It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.

I appreciate time with my college-age children and my spouse. But I miss the ability to cuddle and socialize with friends and family.. Stories of people who have recovered easily from the virus breathe a sigh of relief. But the stories of others who have not are heartbreaking.

I am saddened and concerned about the impact of all the businesses that have closed. But I'm amazed at the rapid shift to new business models that some are doing to stay afloat., contribute to the effort to contain the virus or provide useful services in a safe and distant manner.

take it virtual

With a fully remote team and a healthy set of events and online training before the pandemic, we are not strangers to virtual work. But, like many organizations, we are doubling now. Here are some changes we have made for our audience, sponsors and team.

Preparing for the new normal is something the CMI team thinks about every day. We are not on the front line saving lives, Delivering food or keeping the proverbial lights on. But many in our audience work for organizations that are and others are companies, individual agencies and practices looking for ways to continue serving clients, take care of employees and prepare for what comes next.

Why is it important CV?

Expand digital components of live events.

As I mention, we moved ContentTECH Summit to August in the hopes that stay-at-home requests and corporate travel restrictions are safely eased by then. But we are still strategically thinking about virtual elements to complement ContentTECH Summit and Content Marketing World in October..

Here is why: even if people can travel, available budgets may not allow it. And many people will still be concerned about mingling with others in person.. We are exploring digital add-ons for events to open up the experience to our entire audience, regardless of your willingness or ability to travel.

This is not new territory for us. We have always offered virtual elements (video on demand of conference sessions and interviews streamed live from the CMWorld showroom, for example). But we are striving to think creatively and strategically about new virtual experiences to offer in conjunction with the in-person event.. We've gotten some great ideas from our speaker community, and we'd love to hear your ideas too.