How to grow your personal brand on YouTube

Building a YouTube presence has many benefits. Creating video content is one of the best ways to build authentic relationships with your followers., and in this way it will also help you grow your company or business in an incredible way.

If your goal is to grow your personal brand on YouTube, but don't know how to start, keep reading.

This guide will walk you through a process of the next steps.

choose your niche

One of the biggest mistakes people make is approaching YouTube with the idea of ” want to be a YouTuber”.

Some people have had great success blogging or making lifestyle videos of their daily adventures. But this approach will almost always lead to failure, because when you try to attract everyone, you end up talking to nobody.

Instead, find the people you want to serve and create content directly for them.

When you know who you're talking to , it's easier to put together a consistent message and content marketing strategy.

You don't need to make videos for everyone. You need to make videos for the people you want to help.

When you do that, you will create your tribe. You are going to find your audience and develop a loyal following that respects your expertise on a particular topic..

select the best keywords

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, right behind google.

Most of the video traffic comes from search. People use YouTube to solve problems and find answers to questions they have.

There are many opportunities to optimize videos for keywords, especially if your personal brand is already aiming to rank for a keyword list .

You can follow this three step process.

Investigate effectively

Finding keywords for YouTube is like finding keywords for Google. Nevertheless, available software is not as robust as web optimization software.

One of my favorite YouTube keyword tools is . You can find the volume of search traffic for certain keywords and also find recommendations for what people search for when they search YouTube.

Optimize your metadata

The metadata is the “content snippets” that YouTube indexes to find out what your YouTube video is about.

YouTube doesn't know what you're talking about in a video. Instead, use metadata (and other ranking factors) to decide which videos belong to the top of the search results.

Think of your metadata as four parts:

  1. Title
  2. The first 100 words of your description
  3. The rest of your description
  4. Tags

Make sure to add your keywords in the title.

further, put a keyword in the first 100 words from your description and include a call to action. YouTube only shows the first 100 words in description preview, so it is important to make those 100 words count.

In the rest of the description, I recommend embedding your video transcript as it is cluttered with keywords.

By last, be sure to include long tail and specific keywords when tagging the video.

Drive commitment to quality content

The next step in optimizing your YouTube channel for keywords is creating great and engaging video content..

The most relevant factor in YouTube's algorithm is engagement.

YouTube wants to rank the most useful videos. It makes perfect sense for YouTube to assume that the videos with the longest playback time, I like, comments and participation are the videos that are most useful to the people who watch them.

The point is, high-quality video content is a must. You will not be able to fiddle with the system by creating low quality videos with well optimized metadata. YouTube knows if your content is valuable or not, so don't skip the process.

To grow your personal brand on YouTube, be sure to follow those optimization strategies.

Why is it important CLV?

Promote your YouTube channel

Many YouTubers think creating video content is enough.

If you want to create your personal brand on YouTube, should do more than just create content.

You also need to promote your content.

How do you go about doing this? There are many ways.

Sharing your videos on social media is an obvious answer. Personally, I would recommend sharing the YouTube link on social media rather than uploading the video directly to other social media platforms.

For me, a YouTube follow is much more valuable than a Facebook or Twitter follow, which is why I always funnel traffic back to YouTube.

further, you should consider cross-promoting all your content. If you have a blog or newsletter, you can embed your videos in blog posts or even share your videos directly via email.

monetize your YouTube channel

Listen! This part is very important.

Do you remember in El Paso 1, when we talk about choosing a niche and focusing on your tribe? This is the step where that decision really pays off..

The worst way to monetize a YouTube channel is by selling ads. YouTube typically doesn't pay substantial money to its content creators. To earn a living from advertising revenue, you must constantly create content and generate hundreds of thousands of visits.

This is how you earn real money.

For example, years ago, when my marketing agency did social media marketing, I made a handful of videos that targeted specific keywords on social media.

YouTube is worth the investment

So, it's time to grow your personal brand on YouTube. In fact, I re-commit to creating more video content.

A YouTube following has many benefits. You can use it to grow a business, you can use your knowledge to develop a professional career, or you can even get paid to promote other products on your channel.

Either way, must start making the investment.

Within a year, will you want to start today.


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