How to make effective marketing dashboards and reports 🚀 🔥

How to make effective marketing dashboards and reports

Everyone could benefit from paying more attention. Five years, countless ciders and too many lectures in my career, I finally spent time on that.

Bad reports take up as much time as pointless meetings. Analysts spend hours creating reports that no one will read or creating dashboards that will never be seen. Bad reports mean that people focus on the wrong goals or choose the right goals, but they choose the wrong way to measure them. Either way, you end up in the same place.

Who is this data for?

This context will inform many of our decisions. We care about our audience, because everyone knows and cares about very different things.

A C-level executive doesn't care about keyword cannibalization, but you probably care about overall marketing performance. An SEO manager, on the other hand, you probably worry about the number of indexed pages and keyword cannibalization, but is less bothered by overall marketing performance.

If someone tells you that the report is for audiences with obviously different decision levels, then you will almost always end up creating something that will not meet the goals we mentioned above. Divide your reports into reports / individual panels for each audience, or will it be set aside and ignored.