How to get more positive feedback for your business

The 92% consumers rely more on suggestions from friends and relatives in advertising. further, the 88% of consumers trust both online reviews of strangers and recommendations from people who know. Investigating a business and its products is very easy to do, so most people will take the time to examine a company before making a purchase. In a nutshell, positive reviews can drive sales.

For example: if I'm looking for a new desktop and I see a product that has 2 stars and another product that has 5, I'll buy the one that has 5 stars. I can even overlook some things I don't like about the desktop 5 stars that I like from the desktop of 2 stars simply because it has better reviews. Criticism is so powerful.

While getting positive reviews should be the goal of any company, Getting negative feedback can also help companies better understand what's going on and find more direct ways to make improvements.; a bad review should be seen as an opportunity to get a good review.

Why is it difficult to get positive reviews?

  1. Once a customer completes their transaction with their business and is happy, usually just wants to follow his happy path.
  2. Your customers are busy and don't have enough time to say that your product or service worked as expected.
  3. Your customers don't know where to go to give you an opinion, and they don't feel like searching.
  4. Often, your customers just forget to give you a review.

On the other hand, if someone has a bad experience with your company, You may discover that you will do your best to leave your business a long and detailed negative review..


How do you get more reviews ?

The trick to getting more reviews is to make it easier for your customers to write them.. The first thing you should do is make sure that your company is included in the review sites that interest you with accurate and up-to-date information.. The next step is to request a review from your customers and then remind them.

The most efficient way to request a review from your customers is through a platform that automatically sends emails or text messages to your customers with a review request., and then reminds them later if they haven't completed a. There are some reputable services that will set up this automated workflow for you., along with a link to a landing page designed to collect and channel your positive feedback to review sites that interest you. You can even generate a QR code to place on print media that when scanned with a smartphone will send people to the same landing page.

It doesn't hurt to give your client a little incentive. A positive review is invaluable to your business.. You can offer people a gift card in exchange for a review. The amount of the gift card depends on how valuable these reviews are to your business.


How do negative reviews stop?

When someone wants to write you a negative review, you want to divert them from review sites, but how?

In the last section, We talked about automatically sending people to a review home page by text or email.. As a result, this landing page does more than just collect reviews and channel them to review sites.

This home page first requests a one to five star review before giving your customer any other options.. When a person leaves a four or five star review, then that person has the option to share that review on the review sites that they have connected to the platform. But if they leave a three-star review or less, then I wouldn't give that customer the ability to share their review on review sites, Instead, the home page will ask the customer for more details about their experience and notify the right person in your company.. From that point, you can contact the customer directly. Now you have a chance to do the right thing for that customer and turn what could have been scathing criticism into brilliant.

What are some other important aspects of acquiring reviews?

From the customer's perspective, that some might argue is the most important thing, your requests for review must be clear, easy to interact and must be mobile friendly.

From the business perspective, there must be a system to respond to reviews and serve customers. To that end, companies must ensure that the right people are notified in a timely manner. The response time of a company, as well as the answer itself, are of critical importance.

You want the ability to show your positive reviews not only on the review sites themselves, but also on your own website and social media channels. There are so many places where your customers can interact with your brand; Leveraging your feedback in all these different places provides a great opportunity to improve the way people view your brand.. A good platform will give you the ability to use widgets to help you place your comments on sites where you have some control.. You can even get something called outline markup so you can graphically display your starred review score directly in search results, which is a great advantage.



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