How to get more traffic with SEO πŸš€ πŸ”₯ Bogota - Colombia

How to get more traffic with SEO

If we spend time and effort creating content to get more traffic, SEO becomes an inevitable topic .

SEO plays an important role in getting a return on all our efforts and building our audience through email sign-ups., subscription options and continuous traffic.

But one of the mistakes I've seen business owners make is that they don't approach SEO with a specific plan or outcome in mind.. We say things like: “If I keep writing content, search traffic will come naturally”.

Find a niche and work to have it

The best way to get more SEO traffic to your website is to focus on getting the right traffic.

You can apply that same idea to your search engine optimization., because what is the value of getting a lot of traffic if you can't connect with your audience or can't convert your traffic into fans or subscribers? we must rethink our approach.