How to get more traffic with SEO


If we spend time and effort creating content to get more traffic, SEO becomes an inevitable topic .

SEO plays an important role in getting a return on all our efforts and building our audience through email sign-ups., subscription options and continuous traffic.

But one of the mistakes I've seen business owners make is that they don't approach SEO with a specific plan or outcome in mind.. We say things like: “If I keep writing content, search traffic will come naturally”.

Find a niche and work to have it

The best way to get more SEO traffic to your website is to focus on getting the right traffic.

You can apply that same idea to your search engine optimization., because what is the value of getting a lot of traffic if you can't connect with your audience or can't convert your traffic into fans or subscribers? we must rethink our approach.

Who can we serve better through the content we create?

Sounds great, but what methods can you start using right away? What exactly do you need to do to increase your search traffic?

Al ask us this question, we can start to focus on niches and demographics that are most appropriate. When we do this, we also decrease competition from other companies fighting for the same search traffic.

Now we can find keyword opportunities that our business has the potential to rank for and will start to gain traffic through SEO..

A specific example of location

Imagine that I am a wedding photographer living in Nashville and I want to grow my business by promoting my services through online search..

It is unrealistic to think what to target for the keyword “wedding photography” it will work. That niche is too competitive and the audience is too wide.

Let's focus it more. Let's say, instead, I try to address an audience in Nashville. Now, I promote my services through location as “Nashville wedding photographer”.

Be intentional about keywords

Keywords are still important.

Google's search algorithm is very sophisticated, but it's still an algorithm. You need to extract information from the content and “decide” what is that content about.

Google even states in its overview ” How the search works ” that keywords do play a role in search results.

further, my own experience tells me that assigning keywords to pages has a great benefit in search results.

How does this look?

Write your keyword in the first 100 words of your content, add the keyword to the beginning of your title tag, use keyword in url (if possible).

They are simple, but following those steps has helped me grow my personal brand, as well as making my marketing agency grow by leaps and bounds.

For example, last year I wrote an article about “How to monetize a personal brand”. I followed best practices with my keywords and in two weeks, I arrived at the post # 1.

Why is it important CLV?

Go after low fruit

Not all keywords are the same.

Some keywords are much more competitive than others. In many cases, win many battles “smaller” is the best way to get more traffic with SEO.

For example, let's say I have created a course on freelance writing and I want to use SEO as a way to drive traffic to my brand and my course.

The most obvious keyword for this is “independent writing course”. But the competition for a keyword like that is very competitive.

how to gain search volume

It would be a long and uphill battle trying to gain search volume for those keywords.. What if we take a different approach?

Instead of high competition keywords like “online writing course”, What if we write an extremely valuable and useful article about “how to become a full time freelance writer?”

If we look at SEMrush again, we can see that the competition is only .08, which is much lower. Agree, there is less search volume for that keyword, but over time you can establish yourself as the authority in your industry.

what to adopt to win

If you take this approach, you can slowly and methodically earn more and more relevant search traffic.

The best part about this traffic is that it has an intention behind it. Don't you think people looking for this type of information would be interested in buying your writing course online??

This is how you grow a business with SEO.

Remember, more traffic is not better. Better traffic is better!

Improve CTR

We understand by CTR as Click Trough Rate the, what is or same, the rate of clicks that a link generates compared to the times it is displayed.

The CTR as we are going to address it in this article is the one that is achieved in the search results. When you have a website positioned in Google and the users, after doing a search they see your result, are generating impressions and clicks. The CTR in this case would correspond to the impressions generated between the clicks.

Why optimizing CTR can increase web traffic? It's basic, a higher CTR in your results greater number of visits to your website. On the other hand, CTR is a very important factor in web positioning, and if you improve on this side, you can get even more traffic.


Publish content that lasts over time

Writing about current affairs is very useful to attract visits on topics that are on everyone's lips today. However, tomorrow they will be totally obsolete because the information will already be out of date. Because, it's always okay to create posts that can be useful today, tomorrow and next year. In this way, if you find topics that continuously spark interest, the traffic you will get will be constant.

And the best of all is that as you accumulate this type of content on your blog, Your website visits will not stop growing if you optimize SEO On Page and give them a review from time to time.


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