How SEO Now Can Help

SEO, have a surprising influence on how the world gets its information. At times like these, when businesses at all levels face uncertainty and we may be looking for ways to help, the skills you use in your daily work can be your superpower. Today we'll outline five ways SEOs can make a difference amid the COVID-19 chaos., just doing your job and doing it right.

How can SEO help now?

But at a time like this, It almost seems like there's a call for us to do something else. Today I want to talk a little about some of the ideas I have had on how, as search engine optimizers and general web professionals, We could care a little more and make a difference a little more during this pressing time.

Then let's get started. How can SEO help now?

Fight misinformation

Okay, I think one of the first things that search engine optimizers have the ability to do, obviously, is to influence search results. But right now we know that a serious problem affecting social media and search engines and, actually, to all information in general is wrong information, the information released about what works and what doesn't to try to help stop the coronavirus.

Whether this information is well intentioned or not, has no impact if it actually causes harm. So, as a search engine optimizer, one of the things you have the ability to do is try to help sites that deserve to be ranked, the sites that provide information.

I realized that if you googled alternative cures for COVID, the first two things that would appear would be colloidal silver and garlic. It seems that for some reason everything can be cured with the same things that kill vampires and werewolves. I'm not sure where this came from, but regardless of whether it's there.

Hire the best writers.

Now, the second thing i want to mention right now is actually an interesting opportunity. You see, at this time, many professionals, many experts just don't have a job.

You see, as nice as it is to be a search engine optimizer and work on a computer where you could be on the beach or in the basement or in a cubicle if need be, but where you can work from anywhere, that's just not the case for most people in America. In fact, a recent study came out and said that only the 40% of jobs could be completed remotely, and that's possibly.

That does not mean they will be or that it is easy or efficient or effective., simply possible. That number is amazing. But there is one thing we can take advantage of in these times, and that thing that we can take advantage of is the experience .

AdWords SMB Credits

Then, third, I think we can take advantage of almost any type of sales rep. These people not only pride themselves on knowledge, rather, the knowledge they have of the products they sell is what makes them capable of selling it. This type of sales reps, either in technology, if they are selling who knows, audiovisual equipment, really do not care.

It's possible if you just look in all the right places. Now that's not all we can do. Now, one of the things that has been really interesting has been the response of a handful of large companies or organizations around the world. One of them, or two of them, have been Google and Facebook.

Both have announced huge sums of money that they will invest in free credits for small and medium businesses within their representative advertising platforms.. But here's the thing. They can't really distinguish between the small businesses that are going to suffer and the small businesses that are going to do well during these times..

Healthy business? Help by making your offer for free

The fourth thing I want to mention is something we've seen a lot, how healthy businesses of all sizes respond. Many of them offer some kind of discounts or offers. I want to be very careful here because I don't mean to say that providing discounts and deals at these times is, no way, let's say take advantage or not respect what is happening.

Actually, it is very important that we seek opportunities to help those in time of need. But I think you really need to be careful and considerate and respectful of those you will help in this way.. So, one of the first things I want to say is if you are going to offer something, try your best to make it free.

You see, there aren't many companies right now that are going through a bit of pain. There are not many people out there who are just in pain.. We are talking about many people going through really difficult times. The deeper I can dig, even if it is carved specifically for the people or companies that are in the most desperate moments, better long term for them.

Why is it important CLV?

Don't set time traps

Now, one of the first tips I want to say is don't set time traps. I don't know what the word is for this, but i call them time traps. They're popping up from left to right, What is it: “Oye, We will give you the first X amount of days for free. Put your credit card”. It is a subtle but quite obvious attempt that, over time, these people will forget about the credit card and hope to end up with some payments that they would not otherwise make.

Do not do that. If possible within your payment system, make some free trials or some free tools available to people who just don't require a credit card. That credit card right now often means food to some of these people.. So let's be thoughtful.

Not stopping the most affected

Now what you can do is target those most affected.

For example, many companies are offering services and discounts specifically for families of first responders, doctors and any type of individual who has been identified as an employee or place of business that must be open, like your pharmacy. Now, the reason you want to target these people is that they have to risk their lives literally every day, although that's not something they actually signed up for when they entered the business. So, the least we can do is offer you our biggest discounts.

Do not stop the most useful

We must also be able to target those who are most useful.. You will see, it's not just about the people who need it. It's about the people helping those in need. I'm going to give you an example. Right now there is a serious crisis with domestic abuse in the United States.

You will see, quarantine has meant that people have had to stay home. At that moment, means that the abused have had to spend more and more time with their abusers. Now there are likely a dozen domestic shelters within your area if you live in a larger city and certainly throughout the state.

But, How easy is it to find those resources? How much can they really handle at this point? Why do you need donations? Do they need money? Do they need food? These are things you can discover and take advantage of.

Transitional Army Online

Now, the fifth thing I'd like to think about is some kind of transitional army online. Now, most of us are web professionals or we own a business that has a website. But in everything we've done, there is some degree of experience that goes into starting a business online or putting an organization online.

Whatever skill you have developed, maybe it's e-commerce, maybe it's shipping, maybe it's paid search, who knows what it is, it's time to pick up the phone and start calling organizations that don't have this type of representation and help them make the transition.

We know there are tens of thousands of talented SEOs across the country and even more marketers and even more web designers and developers.. We know they have free cycles.


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