Critical components of captivating content

It is important to have a critical mass of people who know you exist. Ask anyone trying to start a business with an email list of 34 persons, 8 of which are related.

You need an audience large enough to allow a meaningful response when trying out a new content idea or creating an offer for your product or service.

Instead, creates a thoughtful and well-designed path. Direct the prospects for noise and clutter from the largest network to a sustained and valuable connection that solves the problems that the interest.

Writing formulas

When you want to persuade, it is useful to take a look at the “formulas” classic copywriting , because copywriting is simply the persuasion that takes place (partial or completely) without the help of an individual human vendor.

Most of these formulas start with the letter A, what does it mean Attention . And that's what most marketing strategies tend to focus on.: how to get the attention of all those distracted people who come to the web.

This does not start with A, but it starts with a compelling hearing problem, which inherently tends to attract attention. Agitation means getting into the problem in a deeper way and with greater emotional resonance … and then the business can step in to solve the problem.

What happens in between?

It's fun to learn about care strategies. Powerful headlines , exciting pictures, killer hooks

But when you work on a landing page , a video sales letter, an infomercial or a radio ad from 15 seconds, the middle may be the hardest part,You are cultivating the relationship. That means that an important part of the “half” of your content marketing is about offering generous value and being a decent human being.

  • Interesting educational material that helps them do the things they want to do.
  • Content that shows your audience who you are and what you believe
  • Opportunities for small, low-risk commitments, to test the waters and experience what it has to offer.

Where are the rough patches?

Most roads have some difficult points, places that are not so easy to navigate.

When we talk about your content marketing path, these include objections that your audience will have to follow through on your offer.

You can tell stories that show the audience how someone else struggled with the problem. Or offer clear and simple explanations of product features, maybe an infographic or an explanatory video, to show how your solution overcomes the problem.

If I were to write a persuasion formula

I would need to start knowing with who wanted to speak. What do they care? What kind of problems could I help them with? So, the first letter could be K for Knowledge the E for Empathy .

From there, i think i would go to Connection in instead of Attention , simply because the attention today is very fleeting. I would try to provoke a moment of connection, to have any chance of a more lasting relationship.

That kind of principled problem solving builds a content path marked by the Utility . What kind of content could I create that my audience would find valuable? What problems can i solve? There are some “low fruit” that can help my audience to choose.

What risks could I handle for my audience?

Along the path, I would try to elaborate some offers introductory ones that helped people test my ideas for themselves. In other words, some economic ways in which they could purchase products or services, maybe even free products or services, that would help them get what they want.

If I had beliefs, key assumptions or convictions that the audience will need to adopt to go further, I would also talk about them.

For example, at Copyblogger, we believe it is unacceptably risky to put your entire business on a platform that someone else controls , like Facebook.

Why is it important CLV?

What objections can i address?

They really liked the offer? Did many people complete the transaction? I had We repeat and crafts more offers like that. Hated it? Only a few or no people accepted me? Again, iteration would lead me to put together something that was better aligned with the audience's wishes.

Finally, would work for keep the relationship. It is great to do business once, but it is more satisfying (and it makes better business sense) create long-term relationships in which the audience and the business grow together.

To that end, I would like to make a commitment to delivery value over time and keep looking for new ways to serve that audience.


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