Useful tips to operate during the COVID 19πŸš€ πŸ”₯ Bogota - Colombia

Useful tips to operate during COVID 19

Local businesses know better than any other model what it means to fully participate in community life. You are the good neighbors who are there to serve, inspire and maintain the people and traditions that make your city a unique and enjoyable place to call home.

As we explore this topic of what local businesses can do during the COVID-19 pandemic, I want to honor everything you have always done to care for your community as a local business owner or marketer.. Thank you.

In this article, You'll find local SEO tips that could make a difference for your business in the coming weeks, innovative support resources, advice from my own tight knit community of some of the best local SEO in the world and some serious thoughts on building a better local future.

Adhere to all regulations

First, start each day with a review of local and national news to make sure you comply with the changing regulations for your city, county and country. Policies designed to mitigate COVID-19 damage vary widely from region to region, and your company must be kept informed about the forms of service it can offer in this dynamic scenario.

Y, although social networks can be a great connector within your community at any time, watch out for misinformation and, Unfortunately, with scams in the next few days. Get your news from trusted sources, and if you are not sure to interpret a guide, contact local authorities directly. This article does not replace the specific laws and regulations of your community..

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