Useful tips to operate during COVID 19

Local businesses know better than any other model what it means to fully participate in community life. You are the good neighbors who are there to serve, inspire and maintain the people and traditions that make your city a unique and enjoyable place to call home.

As we explore this topic of what local businesses can do during the COVID-19 pandemic, I want to honor everything you have always done to care for your community as a local business owner or marketer.. Thank you.

In this article, You'll find local SEO tips that could make a difference for your business in the coming weeks, innovative support resources, advice from my own tight knit community of some of the best local SEO in the world and some serious thoughts on building a better local future.

Adhere to all regulations

First, start each day with a review of local and national news to make sure you comply with the changing regulations for your city, county and country. Policies designed to mitigate COVID-19 damage vary widely from region to region, and your company must be kept informed about the forms of service it can offer in this dynamic scenario.

Y, although social networks can be a great connector within your community at any time, watch out for misinformation and, Unfortunately, with scams in the next few days. Get your news from trusted sources, and if you are not sure to interpret a guide, contact local authorities directly. This article does not replace the specific laws and regulations of your community..

Why is it important CV?

Communicate abundantly

The most useful thing that any company can do right now, whether it is considered an essential or non-essential service, is to provide accurate information to your community. There are three key places to do this..

Local companies know how important Google's role is as an intermediary between brands and the public. This is still true during this difficult time, Nevertheless, the local product is not working in full force. Joy Hawkins' article for the Local University on 23 March details limited support or,publications, descriptions, owner reviews and responses. It is an evolving scenario, with local SEOs that report different results every day. For example, some professionals.

At the time of writing this, there are four fields that you can use to communicate current information to customers through GMB, but keep in mind that some editions may take several days to take effect:

If regulations keep you at home but still want customers to be able to contact you from home or cell phone for information, update your answering machine to reflect the changes and edit your GMB phone number to the new appropriate number.


Google My Business may be experiencing support issues right now, but thank goodness you still have full control of your website as a base of operations to pass on important information to the public. Here's a quick checklist of suggested items to update on your site as soon as you can:

Social networks and email

whether the social community of your clients is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or other platform, There has never been a more vital time to make use of the instant communication provided by these sites.. It was Fred Rogers who famously said that in times of crisis, we should “find helpers”. People will look to your brand for help and, too, they will look for ways in which they can help.

If you can use the time to use social networks to highlight not only your own services, but the services you discover are being provided by other companies in your city, will strengthen your community. Ask your followers and customers to amplify the information that can make life safer or better now.

Y, Of course, email is one of the best tools available today to send messages to your entire base about changing conditions and special offers. My best practice tip for the present is to make sure that you are only communicating what is really necessary. I've seen some examples of brands (they will remain nameless) that exploit COVID-19 for meaningless self-promotion rather than prioritizing customer concerns and needs. Don't follow that route. Be a helper!

Meet the essential

If your company complies with local regulations, state or federal that allow you to continue operating because it is considered “essential”, these are the ways in which different business models are adapting to current conditions:

Beyond your list of local businesses, websites, email and social media platforms, don't overlook offline media to make more useful and informative contributions. Call local radio shows and contact local newspapers if you have facts or offers that can help the public.

Importance of the challenge of thinking ahead in a time of interruption, but I know this from being a gardener: new seeds sprout better where the soil is disturbed. Just visit the edges of the new roads being laid to see how the dig is quickly followed by green crops of fresh seedlings. Humanity needs to dig deeper right now to find its best solutions to serious challenges, and this can start where you are, locally.

Evaluate electronic commerce

your local business already has a commerce component on its website, you have many steps ahead to be well configured to continue selling through delivery. If you have not yet implemented any form of online sales

has determined that sound investment in e-commerce is a smart move for the present and the future, this overview of 2020 from Shopify options to Volusion to Magento is very useful . Don't overlook the Moz blog eCommerce category for free expert advice.

Other models and examples may inspire you personally., but I share the opinion of my friend Greg Sterling: now is the time to put creativity into practice, connect with other local business owners and community members, and start planning for a more realistic and livable future.

Connect virtually

In my very large family, a relative has switched his yoga studio to online classes, another is offering safe psychotherapy appointments online and another is instructing his orchestra on the web. While nothing can replace relationships in person, virtual meetings are the best and can keep many business models operating at a significant level, despite the pandemic. Take a look at these resources:

  • UC Today Offers A Great Guide To Free Video Conferencing And Collaboration .
  • Business Insider has this tutorial on how to share YouTube videos with anyone .

I especially want to highlight the exceptional work Zoom is doing in developing a comprehensive section of resources on how to do business virtually. , whether you are a health professional, an educator or managing employees who have come to work from home.


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