Digital menus for restaurants


We design digital menus for restaurants

We are WEBTRABAJOS & DIRKS CREATIVE Agencies specialized in WEB development and corporate image, We decided to create this project in order to support the different sectors affected by the COVID Pandemic, and comply with the different regulations, Government requirements and demands.

Our main idea is to offer a service and the opportunity to Digitize your Company or Project and be within the economic reach of the different entrepreneurs and business owners who closed their doors due to the contingency, and even those who want to open their doors to the market for the first time.



Before $1.200.000

TODAY! 29 January 2023




What does this PROMO include?

Digital menus for restaurants

The World and Commerce have CHANGED!

The measures and conditions that establishments must take are important in order to maintain the safety distances and minimize contagion risks.

It is the perfect time so that you do not get left behind and evolve with your business, giving your customers a better experience, peace of mind and the security that they and your business deserve.

Digital menus for restaurants

The boost your restaurant needs

Digital menus for restaurants

How does it work and what do you need?

Sit at the table, scanning the code and choosing your order from the digital menu is going to become the new normal amid the gradual opening of some business sectors at the juncture of Covid-19.

A 'virtual waiter', it will be a tool for restaurants, bars and customers that allows contactless ordering and minimizes the risk of contagion in establishments or shopping centers.

Digital menus for restaurants

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Try how our Digital menu works, we have several designs ready for your business, add, remove and buy these trial products so you can see and know how it works.

Digital menus for restaurants

Learn about the different designs we have for your Menu

Digital menus for restaurants

Are you ready to open your Restaurant?

Digital menus for restaurants

What do your customers need to have ?

The only thing your clients need is a cell phone with a camera to be able to scan your Code , it does not matter the reference or if it is android or iOS, They can also access from their Laptops.

In case your client does not have how to scan the QR code it does not matter, no problem you just have to enter the url and you will have the same access to order and buy your products.

You count on us!

Easier than ever!

You are one step away from having the website of your dreams.