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Google: access to your online presence

The website and online presence are two of the most important criteria for organizations and companies of our time. The “first impression” a future trading partner, employer or even a possible online store for the private use of customers is often accomplished through their own website. For it, graphic designers and IT experts strive to ensure a pleasant stay, exciting and goal oriented on customer website. What is often neglected in this effort is the question of how users should be led to their own website.. In addition to direct links and access through the exact URL, access through intermediate search engines, especially Google, is of utmost importance.

SEO: What is it really?

The acronym SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization or German also search engine optimization. Crime is the totality of all measures aimed at improving the positioning in organic search results for intermediaries such as Google and increasing it to the maximum. The “organic search results” are the results that Google organizes according to its own content criteria and in which the paid positioning, for example through GoogleAds, It is irrelevant. But what criteria does Google use to organize search results in a term? There are many answers to this question. Google itself claims that 200 factors influence position on search engine results pages, but without revealing in what weighting or in what factor these properties are related.

Search heroes: your partner in the SEO jungle

Meet Google's requirements for website design and, at the same time, offering informal content is, as described above, an immense challenge. What factors should be addressed, how optimization measures are implemented, where does it start and how do I check the success or failure of my job? As a marketing employee of a company or independent operator of a website, this conglomerate of tasks can quickly grow on your head. But that's where we come in – Serves as a full-service marketing agency with all your interests related to online and digital marketing. In addition to optimizing the search engine of the same name, we also offer you, for example, creating video content to expand your online portfolio or the possibility of organic search engine optimization through the intelligent use of Google Ads to complete The philosophy of search heroes provides long-term cooperation between us and our customers, because the search engine optimization process is extremely continuous and cannot be sensitive as a single measure. Constant evaluation and review of the keyword catalog, for example, is a crucial factor in the success of search engine optimization measures. You can also benefit from our experience and knowledge in the field of online marketing as a full service agency., with search heroes with guaranteed success.

SEO audit: a central step towards more quality

The fact that digital advertising measures and how they really affect visibility in Google and Co. does not depend solely on chance or luck. There are many criteria, recommendations and very finely differentiated guidelines that an agency like Webtrabajos has to comply with. Thus, could also say: The success we provide to our clients has a method.

As part of search engine optimization or at the start of a collaboration, we regularly carry out a SEO audit call. We want to verify existing websites with clear and specific SEO criteria and get a better picture of the page architecture. This is the only way for us to provide concrete recommendations for action.. Like medical check-ups, the populars “checkups” which are recommended according to sex and age. With an SEO audit you verify how the “basic structure”.

In the following paragraphs, search heroes show you what this means in concrete terms and what added value you can get from it.

Whether for a relaunch, restart SEO or as a regular task: an SEO audit provides clarity

If you are digitally looking for recommendations on how to organize an SEO audit, you will be regularly inundated with information. There is simply no recognized set of rules after an SEO audit is traditionally conducted.: each agency sets different priorities here, and can only focus on individual areas.

That means: someone who is more technically on the move will focus on things like the time it takes to build the page (loading times) or page structures. Another SEO specialist, which is more focused on content, further analyze the customer journey, tonality and the things that shape the content.

Nevertheless, Certain basic SEO audit concepts have emerged that can be asked as a general question, and that, of course, we don't want to deny him:

Status quo on its web site: How can you assess the “Status” according to SEO criteria?
Comparison with peer group: What is the competition doing?
Strategy: What optimizations are possible regarding the use of keywords, page and Co. structures structure?
Technical aspects: Does the site comply with general principles or is there a crawling error or other issues?
Questions related to content : Is the content branded and presented in the correct way?
Easy to use: Given the importance of mobile use, the main focus is on questions about how to use the site. A poorly operated page is a horror for users, bounce rates are significantly higher. If there are problems here, many measures are practically contrary and cannot develop their full potential.
General assessment with prioritization of tasks: it is not the mass that produces the result, but the coordination of many small aspects, with the client and their needs in focus. Thus, each SEO audit summarizes the results, provides instructions for action and prioritizes measures.
Basically, these are three questions that an SEO check must answer:

What is the problem
Why does this problem exist?
How can this problem be solved by optimal use of funds??


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