Keyword Research Master Guide πŸš€ πŸ”₯

Keyword Research Master Guide

Often, in SEO, we care so much about technical SEO (pagination, site speed, the latest python course, etc.) that we forget that the basis of winning SEO begins and ends with words.

  • Don't choose keywords before starting SEO means shooting in the dark, a likely losing bet whether or not your content will be successful.
  • Choose the wrong keywords means wasting time and budget on content that will never get visibility in search results.
  • Conversely, choose smart and specific keywords can help forge and dominate a traffic niche that elevates you above the competition.

Understand seed words

We call them words “seed” because all other words spring from them . Finding the correct starting words will make or break your entire word research strategy.

Finding the correct starting keywords involves asking and answering three questions:

  1. For what do you think what do you want to classify?
  2. What do you qualify for??
  3. What are your competitors classified for?

After that, you validate your answers with data to find the absolute best seeds.