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how to make your website more secure

Thanks to rumors about website hacking and personal data theft in recent years, most internet users are aware that their confidential information is at risk every time they surf the web.

Y, Nevertheless, although the personal data of your visitors and customers is at risk, many companies still don't make website security a priority.

The folks at Google are known for paving the way for internet behavior. Last month, took a monumental step to help protect people from having their personal data hacked. The update they released to their popular Chrome browser now warns users if a website is not secure , right inside that user's browser.

While this change is intended to help protect users' personal data, it is also a great help for companies to move forward to make their websites more secure.

Google Chrome update: what you need to know

Google's latest Chrome update (version 62) started bookmarking websites and web pages that contain a form but don't have a basic security feature called SSL . SSL, what does it mean “Layer of secure sockets”, is the standard technology that ensures that all data that passes between a web server and a browser (passwords, credit card information and other personal data) remain private and ensure protection against hackers.

for pages requesting confidential information, like credit cards. The update released in October extends the warning to all websites that have a form, even if it's just a field asking for something like an email address.

What is the impact on companies?