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content marketing releases

Trust your existing newsletter, social followers or email outreach will not do justice to your releases. By increasing your signal with paid social networks, your brand introduces new audiences and improves traffic and launch results. On today's Whiteboard Friday, We welcome our good friend Kane Jamison to highlight four simple and practical tactics that you can start using as soon as possible..

So that can be really cool for him team recognition if you are trying to build thought leadership in your space. It's a great way to present the face of your team members who might be speaking at industry conferences and events.. It's a great way to get people to recognize your name or maybe just help them feel closer to your company because they recognize your voice and face..

Similar audiences

All of those tools are great ways to create short videos of 20 seconds and 60 seconds. They allow you to create subtitles. So, if you are scrolling through a social feed and watch an autoplay video, there is a good chance that the audio is turned off, so you can create subtitles so people know what the video is about if it's not instantly obvious The video itself. So, that's a great way to get a cheaper distribution than you could get from your typical graphic ad, and it will really stick with users because most of the other companies are not spending the time to do it

We can upload them to a personalized audience on the social network of our choice and then create what is called a similar audience. In this case, I would recommend what is called a “audience similar to one percent”. So, if you are targeting people in the US. UU., Means one percent of people in the US. UU. Which are more like your audience. So, if your audience are men of 35 a 45 years, generally interested in a specific topic, the similar audience will likely be a bunch of other men in a similar age group who like similar topics.


Facebook is making that choice, which means you may or may not get the perfect audience from the start. Thus, it's great to try additional filters in addition to the default similar audience. So, for example, could focus on people by household income. You can target people for additional interests that may or may not be obvious from the personalized audience, just to make sure you're only reaching users who are interested in your topic. Whatever it is, if this is going to end up being three or four million people in one percent of the country, it's probably good to go ahead and filter it to a smaller audience that is a little bit closer to your exact target than you want to reach. Great way to build brand awareness with that target audience.

The next thing I'd like you to try is to put your ads and content in front of influencers in your space.. That could mean

  • Bloggers
  • Journalists
  • Or it could just mean that people like Facebook page managers , people who have access to a Facebook page that can share updates. Those could be social media administrators . That could be bloggers. It could even be someone to run the local church page or a PTA group . Anyway, those people will probably have a lot of contacts, they are likely to share things with friends and family or followers on social media

Higher cost but embedded value

When you start posting ads for this group type, you will find that it costs a little more per click. If you are used to paying $ 0.50 a $ 1.00 per click, you can end up paying $ 1.00 O $ 2.00 per click to reach this audience. It's okay. This audience has much more embedded value than the typical user, because it is likely that, on average, have more reach, more followers, more influence.