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Why the right metrics make a difference

To boost your business, marketers need to measure a little. But not everyone measures the correct data.

Simply know the visits to your page, click-through rates and the participation statistics are no longer enough. Many of these isolated data points cannot give you a clear idea of ​​whether you are getting a good ROI from your marketing spend..

Don't get us wrong: Marketing KPIs can significantly help steer your marketing in the right direction. Even so, marketing functions have fallen short when it comes to developing a set of marketing metrics that matter.

After all, sellers are constantly on a rotating flow cycle. And with the increasing number of marketing strategies and options, companies must stay ahead of their competition. To help design an effective strategy, you must refine these critical metrics and their formulas.

You need metrics that tell the story of your company and give you a more detailed snapshot of your marketing efforts. The reality is, you can't be a successful salesperson if you don't know your numbers..

And you can't know your numbers if you don't understand your customer's lifetime value, because it reports all your marketing strategy and how much you can pay per channel in acquisitions.

Average purchase value (APV)

APV refers to the average sales value of each sales transaction processed. Shows you the average amount your customers are currently spending on one of your products or services in an individual transaction.

You can calculate this number by dividing your company's total revenue within a given period of time by the number of orders placed during that same period of time..


Depending on the length of your average contract or your business model, can calculate APV for one day, one week, One month or one year.