Last, present and future of Linkbuilding

Link building is a valuable practice for businesses looking to gain visibility online, But as Google learns more about your users, their algorithms continue to evolve to make it increasingly difficult to build the types of links that help businesses grow. Nevertheless, just because it's getting harder doesn't mean link building is wasted effort. Consider the old adage, quality over quantity, since a high quality link can have a much greater impact on your business than many lower quality links. Google wants to keep its search engine dominance. To that end, Google is looking for the correct set of indicators to determine whether or not a page is a good search result. So, What does the future hold of link building?


In the past, it was about the volume of links pointing to your site regardless of quality, while quality is a much more important factor now. Previously, Google did not understand:

  • How relevant was a link
  • Whether or not a link was reliable
  • Whether or not a link was paid
  • If a link was really high quality
  • If a link was provided editorially

The present

Google is beginning to emphasize the importance of engaging and relevant content, and is developing metrics to better assess these characteristics. Today, Google has a better understanding of human language and how people search for terms, particularly since Google's Hummingbird update . Search engine now understands conversation tone better.

Google is learning more about people too, for example, where they live. You want to gather as much data as possible so that you can provide users with the most relevant search and advertising results.

The future

Deep linking won't matter as much as it currently does.

Links to a specific product page probably won't make much of a difference to a site's Google rank. Some signs that will have an impact are safe websites, user comments, trust signals and third party comments.

Anchor text will matter less.
The anchor text is just a small sign that doesn't carry much weight. Today, too much commercial anchor text already has a negative effect, but in the future, Google will be more confident in understanding the context of a page.


Smaller companies will have more opportunities to rank higher.

As mentioned earlier, Google will improve understanding of context to meet user needs. Google is improving its search algorithms to recognize that people don't necessarily search for a massive brand, but products and services within a given industry that meet their needs. By recognizing smaller companies as brands within their industries, Google will help put those smaller brands on a more even footing with the larger brands.

In summary, Linkbuilding will continue to be an important part of SEO , But effective link building that improves a site's ranking will focus less on the number of links and more on providing information that is directly relevant to the user that will also easily answer user queries..


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