manipulate Google PageRank to get better rankings

It is possible to prevent PageRank from flowing to pages that don't matter in order to focus it on pages that do.

I saw a discussion on Facebook about manipulating website linking patterns to target PageRank on important pages. The idea was to link to pages “useless” is a waste of PageRank and a decrease in the ranking power of a website.

One of the most fundamental understandings of how to create a website is creating a meaningful site architecture. That means creating a menu and site structure that makes it easy for a site visitor to access all the important pages of a website..

That's SEO for beginners, but it's good.

PageRank Sculpting

The strategy of preventing PageRank from flowing to “useless pages” it's called PageRank Sculpting.

My understanding of the PageRank sculpture is that this is something that people talked about on SEO forums in the mid-1990s. 2000 and then it became popular on Moz website all over the world.

In 2009, Google engineer Matt Cutts said that Google uses unfollowed links as part of calculating how much PageRank to send to other pages.

So, if a page has ten links and one is not followed, the PageRank flow to the normal nine links is as if there are ten links on the page, regardless of whether one of those links is not followed.

Cloaking links method

Another method to achieve the goal of sculpting PageRank is to hide links from Google. That means showing one page to Google and another page to users.

This is called a cover-up and it may and may not lead to problems.. What makes cover-up bad, according to Martin Splitt of Google, is the underlying result of tricking a site visitor into clicking from Google.

According to that definition, public relations sculpting cover-up is not spam.

But My take is that I would hesitate to roll the dice in the rankings of a good ranking site by splitting my hairs on what a Googler said

No one can really tell at what point they crossed the line until the line was crossed and the site is prohibited for crossing it.

SEO 101 - Site architecture

I understand that it is good to get the most out of a site. But the good architecture of the site, SEO 101, take his players onto the field and within goal distance to the goal.

From there, it depends on your web pages to score the goal.

It's not the goalkeeper's job or the homepage to score the goal.

It is good to link to the pages about us. It is good to make a link to contact us (if you have one).

There is always someone who shows up to say they did the same and got away.

It does not matter if the PageRank flows to those pages because it depends on the individual web pages to rank. It is not the responsibility of the home page to slide the PageRank to rank the internal pages.

We used to be able to SEE how much PageRank flows from one page to another with the Google toolbar, So maybe it's easier for someone like me to visualize or conceptualize it? Basically, it just starts on the home page and then moves down one point from one link to another through the site (on the general scale that Google shows us.

Except for internal pages that reach links.

Internal pages that get links have a higher PageRank than other pages.

links have a higher PageRank than other pages.

But the idea of ​​the home page being the mother of all the web pages under it, with all subpages sucking on their PageRank nipple for PageRank feed, is outdated.

Every web page that matters must attract links from off-site and stand on its own as an adult leaving parents at home and feeding.

Every page that matters will feed and stand on its own.

The idea that each page depends on the home page for links is out of date.

It comes from the idea that the links should point to the home page and reach the internal pages. That no longer works.

Worrying about the amount of PageRank flowing to your contact page is like ripping out the back seats of your car to make it lighter and save five cents a mile on gas..


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