Hidden Opportunity Search Marketing 🚀 🔥

Hidden Opportunity Search Marketing

You are missing out on a local business that is marketing a lot of opportunities. Brands even qualify for local SEO.

If I say ” and you think “technology”, then you're having the same problem that you were finding reliable information about local search marketing for business-to-business models. While it is true that SaaS companies like Moz, MailChimp and Hootsuite are companies that sell to other companies, your transactions are mainly digital. These may be the types of companies that make the best lists , but today let's explore another area in which a physical business that you promote is eligible

Let's determine your eligibility, let's look for your opportunities , let's identify specific tips for your business model, let's look at a disclosure email, let's explore its content with a checklist and find.e an advantage for you in today's article

See your B2B opportunity

Then, determine if there is a component of your business that already serves or could be created to serve other businesses.

Let's look at some major groups of categories and see how they might be tailored to meet executive needs rather than just consumer needs

Food establishments (restaurants, coffee shops, food trucks, catering, etc.) can build relationships with nearby employers by offering business lunch specials, deliveries, catering corporativo, Banquet halls and related B2B services. This can work especially well for restaurants located in large commercial districts., but almost any food related business could create a corporate offering that encourages loyalty.

The main attractions

(museums, amusements, cultural centers, Sport centers, etc.) can create corporate packages for local employers looking for fun group activities. Brands seeking to reduce implicit bias may be especially interested in interacting with groups and cultural events.

Professional services (real estate, financial, of impression, consultancy, technology, etc.) can be geared to both corporate needs and people. A real estate agent can sell commercial properties. A printer can create commercial signage. A computer repair shop can service offices


(clothes, presents, teams, furniture, etc.) they can find numerous ways to supply companies with equipment, booty, Electronic products, furniture, gift baskets, uniforms and other necessities. For example, a kitchen store could sell porcelain breakfast to AB & B, Or an electronics store may offer special prices for the purchase of new computers for an office..

Transportation and travel services (sale and maintenance of automobiles, car rental, travel agency, tour guides, charging stations, etc.) can create special packages for companies. A car dealer could sell a fleet of vehicles to a food delivery service, or a garage may offer special prices for food truck maintenance. A travel agency could manage business trips.

you are marketing a B2B company that has not been doing local SEO

Keep in mind that the goal of local SEO is to make you as visible as possible online to any neighbor looking for what you offer so that you can win as many transactions as possible.

Read the Guidelines to represent your company in Google to be 100% sure your company qualifies and to familiarize yourself with Google rules. Google is the dominant player in local search.

Make sure your name, Complete and accurate address and telephone number are included in the footer of your website and on the Contact Us page.. If you have multiple locations, create a unique page on your website for each location, complete with your full contact information and useful text for website visitors. Make each of these pages as unique and persuasive as possible.

Make sure that the content of your website thoroughly describes your products and services, and make compelling offers on the value of choosing it.

If you are marketing a local company that has not yet created a B2B offer:

Research your neighborhood and community to determine what types of businesses are around you. If you are not sure, contact your local Chamber of Commerce or a local trade association like AMIBA to see if they have data they can share with you. Do searches like “Seattle Human Resources Event” O “Evento People Ops Seattle” can bring results like this, naming some key companies and employees.

Now, based on what you have learned, brainstorm an offer that might appeal to this audience. Remember, you are trying to attract other business owners and staff with something special for them that meets their needs.

Then, write your offer in as few words as possible, including all highlights (who are you, what does it offer, why solve a problem that the business probably has, Troubleshooting test available, price range, a good request to discuss more and your full contact information). Be brief to respect how busy recipients are.

B2B Tips

The Moz People Ops team is called Team Happy, and these wonderful people take care of everything, from event and travel planning, right up to gift giving and to make sure people's parking needs are met. Team Happy is responsible for creating an exceptional environment, fun and generous that works smoothly for all Mozzers and visitors.

I asked the Happy Operations Manager Team, Ashlie Daulton , to share some tips for creating a successful B2B reach when approaching a business like Moz. Ashlie explica:

  • The more information we can get in advance, best! We are super busy in our day to day and sometimes we can receive a lot of spam, so it can be difficult to take the vague reach of email seriously and not attribute it to more spam. Be real, be direct in your reach. As usual, it is key to keep it more person to person and less “sales
  • If we can get most of the information we need first, investigate website / offers and email our questions until we consider a call a good next step, which generally makes a good impression.

An example of B2B reach email

Practice makes perfect. Let's do an exercise together in which we imagine ourselves running an incredible Oaxacan restaurant in Seattle that wants to grow the B2B side of our business.. Suppose we have decided that Moz would be a perfect customer and we spend time on the web learning about them. We have examined your website, his blog and we've read some third party news about the company.

We found an email address for Team Happy and created our disclosure email. What follows is that email + Ashlie's honest and summary comments to me (detailed below) on how our fictional reach would hit his team:

it is unique and the precise tone of your email will match both your company culture and the sensitivity of your potential customers. Regardless of industry, The study of the previous communication will give you some clues to create your own from the point of view of speaking personally with another company taking into account your needs . Why not practice writing your own email today., then pass it by an impartial acquaintance to ask if he would convince them to answer?