¿marketing digital, how the covid-19 is changing it?

The marketing digital has always captured the essence of advancement and development in society, and what we are currently experiencing is no exception, well the marketing digital is emerging as the face of the future. The difficulties that have arisen thanks to COVID-19 they have infiltrated all facets of the economy, and we will experience domino effects for years to come.

The old business models we knew have been torn down, almost overnight, and they have been replaced by virtual and contactless solutions that are changing consumer behavior, the structure of the economy and the tactics of the marketing.



The tactics of marketing that we knew, like billboards, newspaper ads, radio or television, than, although they still have effectiveness, are no longer as effective as they used to be, if you wonder why? The reason is that consumers are not only “Surfing the web”, but they are in constant interaction well be, shopping, on social media, clicking ads, checking your email, among others.

Reaching the consumer is an increasingly complex task, and the traditional tactics of marketing and means because the whole context has changed, digital marketers don't just talk to customers, they involve them in the business. Any kind of marketing taking place on the web is marketing digital, such as paid advertising, email campaigns, social media and other strategies have taken marketing by surprise, and is only expected to continue to accelerate and evolve.


Before the spread of COVID-19, trends emerged marketing digital moderate and prominent, like the rise of video marketing, the influence marketing, the micro-moments and email marketing.

It is clear that the marketing digital is evolving to keep up with new technology trends and changing consumer preferences, such as meeting customer expectations with increasingly personalized and relevant ads and content. As a result of the pandemic, consumer behavior and preferences have changed, and this is why we have to be at the forefront of new tendencies, even if it's just an acceleration of the inevitable. We have to know how to reach our clients and turn them into online customers this requires innovation in our business by applying new strategies from the era of marketing digital.



As we well know the use of the Internet has had a constant increase over the years, people are currently spending an unusual amount of time at home, which leads us to understand that much more time on the web. People are not just looking for internet entertainment, they also seek information, virtual solutions and tools like virtual courses to improve your skills in uncertain times.

Businesses as a whole acknowledge that some change in consumer behavior, so they had to adjust their tactics and budgets to creatively solve the new challenges of the century 21 (new work environments, unprecedented safety guidelines, new schedules and new needs to supply customers).

The marketing digital is evolving because society is constantly changing, expectations are changing, we are establishing a new normal with new behaviors that will be part of our day to day. The marketing to our luck it is a dynamic and evolving creature, and although its progression has certainly been affected by COVID-19 still stands as one of the best alternatives for the development and positioning of a business, and this is why in Webtrabajos We continue to work in consulting for our clients, generating the best digital marketing strategies for your business like SEO.


Although as we know the number one reason why people use social networks is to show your own identity, with everyone in social isolation, people also long to have a connection type but online, with everyone in quarantine the use of social media has peaked, This indicates to us that it can be an extraordinary opportunity to expand our business and that through them we could achieve a better reach and positioning.

Brands with an established presence on social media took this as an opportunity and generated different campaigns that had a great impact within their consumers such as, a captive audience, they duplicated their content and transmitted relevant messages that resonated in a world that was full of panic and uncertainty.

Statistics show that the commitment of brands and entrepreneurial businesses to social networks increased by 44% per day in April, and that even taking into account the general decrease in their publications. So, if you've been waiting for the right motivation to finally settle on social media, Well you have found it.

And you may be wondering about the brands that chose not to invest in a social media presence before the COVID-19, these brands and businesses were forced to adapt to a new model of marketing digital throught social media, otherwise they would suffer consequences such as stagnation and decline in their businesses by generating a little visibility in the market.

As a tip that we give you is that if you currently have an established or growing presence in social networks and you don't know if you should continue publishing at the same rate or not, the answer is don't decrease your content, in fact, if you can, invest more time in it and publish more frequently, This will have a very positive impact on your marketing digital.


Since the arrival of COVID-19, virtual events increased by 1000%, and you can probably guess why. Online we can find everything from webinars to online conferences and meetings by Zoom, because even though everything is changing people still need to show new products, market their services and participate in valuable experiences other professionals.

Now more than ever, organizing a virtual event is a great way to gain visibility and positioning, in addition to establishing new customers and growing your business. The possibilities to create this type of spaces is quite a wide offer, Well, we can do it through a live Facebook session, an online class, a video series or just a webinar with a valuable speaker.

This strategy of virtual events can be tuned to the convenience of the spectators and can allow them to stay in their homes safely, as this trend of marketing digital he is not going anywhere and complies with the obligatory social distancing. Take the risk with this type of marketing strategy because for now many companies and companies prefer to organize events of this type for a number of reasons, such as profitability and assistance to them because people have a good reception before them.

In Webtrabajos we are at the forefront of new trends in the marketing digital, remember that you find support in us to improve your business and apply the best strategies that will contribute to your progress as an entrepreneur.


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