Millennial Marketing 🧐 πŸ₯‡ Proven Tips For Success

Marketing Millennial , proven tips for success

There are currently around 15.000 millennials in Colombia with a combined purchasing power of $ 80 billion . If you offer products or services that interest them, you will lose market share and a competitive advantage unless you specifically target millennials in your marketing campaigns. Think about it, They are your future customer base (or current)! You need to know how to reach them. further, the good news is that they tend to be very loyal to quality products and the companies that relate to them. So, if you hook one, they stay with you.

In this post, I reveal the research on millennial marketing and information from my experience reaching them through the client's marketing efforts. Get ready to learn a lot about millennial marketing strategy.

Old school advertising is off, for most of them

According to a study by Forbes Y Elite Daily (a website that is considered the voice of millennials), only the 1% of millennials are driven by advertising . In fact, a study shows that 84% of millennials “they don't like advertising”. They consider that traditional advertising is not sincere and see it exactly as it really is: just an attempt to sell them something.

They are also tech savvy when it comes to avoiding ads. They will record your favorite shows on DVR so you can watch the commercials. They will install software on their PCs that blocks pop-up ads. They will intentionally avoid even looking at advertisements.

Millennials expect you to be social on social media

According to the study Forbes / Elite Daily previously mentioned , the 62% of millennials say that if a brand interacts with them on social media, they are more likely to become customers. Light bulb!

The conclusion here is obvious: Your social media marketing efforts must be second to none if you want to reach a millennial crowd. Make sure you don't just post updates about your brand on social media, you are also engaging with your target audience. Millennials will reward you for that by opening their wallets.

By the way, if you are looking for an example of a brand that works well when engaging with customers on social media, check out the Taco Bell Twitter account .

  • So, What do I mean by targeting them on social media? This is what I mean.
  • Set up a community building ad strategy so you can get people to like your page
  • Have a good-sized budget for promoted posts, on the contrary, Facebook is useless
  • Spend a little money on a “royal designer” to create custom images they'll love
  • Do something interactive once a week
    • Run a quiz with Woobox. Every time someone enters, you can get your email address. We are generating hundreds of emails per week for clients with this strategy.
  • Refresh your page 3 a 5 times per week
  • Launch a product or service where it makes sense
  • Don't be afraid to post real ads!!
    • Show ads
    • PPC Ads
    • Ads retargeting
    • Upload email lists and create lookalike audiences

Millennials need device cross-tracking

Millennials are citizens of cyberspace. According Advertising Age , pass 25 hours online every week. Eighty-seven percent of them have between two and three technological devices.

That makes it even more important to use Google Analytics cross-device reporting. . If you haven't heard of this report, you can basically track multiple interactions between different devices and attribute them to a single conversion. So, if a millennium comes to your site by phone from Facebook, then check your blog later on a tablet and finally make it your desktop, you can make sure there is proper attribution to each marketing channel.

The authenticity, not the content, He is the king

As a specialist in digital marketing, no doubt you have heard that the phrase “content is king” repeats so often it hurts. Nevertheless, with millennials, content is not king. Authenticity is king.

Forty-three percent of millennials rank authenticity higher than content when browsing their favorite news sites. That means the formula for winning a millennium is to first build a certain level of trust with your brand.. With that base in place, a marketing effort can begin.

Now, this really means content is still king, as long as it's authentic, truth? The other day I was watching Red Bull events. They do things like host a downhill mountain bike event or turn a lake into a wave pool!! It is so cool. But what are they doing? They are creating content! Now, not the same content type as this blog post, But nonetheless, content appeals to millennials and aligns them with the brand.