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Viral marketing and how to take advantage of it in times of Covid

The pandemic that we are experiencing now has caused intercommunication through the internet to be even greater, and it has caused the hours spent on social networks to double, and therefore the cases of viral marketing that we hear and see are greater, either a new video, image, News, etc. They are contents that we see that diffuse at the speed of light. But, What exactly is viral marketing? How did these contents go viral? Is it due to a viral product or viral advertising, viral campaigns or just luck?

Well in this article Webtrabajos I will explain what viral marketing is, her CARACTERISTICS, advantages and techniques, so that you motivate yourself and put this technique into action in these difficult times for your company or business idea.

What is viral marketing?

Viral marketing is a marketing strategy that creates specific messages, which spread rapidly from one person to another, and thus it is guaranteed that the message reaches a fairly large audience, Thus, Viral marketing is the ability to generate interest and potential sale of a brand or product through messages that spread like a virus, that is to say, quickly and from person to person.
The idea of ​​this strategy is that the users themselves choose to share the content, and this is why, that social networks have become the main platform for the spread of viral content since they can achieve a wide reach at high speed, Besides that they have easy-to-use functions.

Characteristics of viral content

Some of the key characteristics of messages with viral potential include innovative and creative ideas and unique ways to present a brand or a product to consumers.. Modern Marketing Messages Should Be Exciting, fun, provocative and even shocking to attract attention and get consumers to share them. For example, successful viral campaigns, use content that is controversial and different, as this raises the level of communication to consumers.
This is why it is important that, for the spread and success of a marketing virus, the message is able to penetrate consumers both in heart and mind, since this will make the viralization of the content more possible.

How do I do a viral campaign?

Actually, doing a viral campaign is quite simple, since the only thing your company needs is to know your clients and / or followers well, and by knowing and recognizing their behavior, You must create a type of content that carries a message that you want to express and that therefore addresses your user base. The message must be directly related to people's imagination and must create impact, since that is the trigger that people want to share it and therefore it is viral.