What is the use of KEYWORDS today?

Among the concerns that currently arise around the keywords one of the most relevant is if they really have a utility or is simply an ornament that is given to websites.

While most experts assure that, actually, they are useless, some websites how Webtrabajos we continue to include them in our content and this is why we know the importance of their use.

Taking into account all of the above, the question is: How can we give adequate utility to keywords?

Then, We will explain what exactly they are and how they can help us in positioning SEO of a Web page.


What are Keywords?:

In programming languages, "a keyword O reserved word is a word or identifier that has a particular meaning for a programming language”, this leads us to think about its importance, Well, by including this series of labels that include keywords We will be indicating to the search engine what is the content or theme of our Web page and by putting it into practice we will have a greater scope in the search engine and we will achieve a better positioning inside of the digital market.

Myths about the meta keyword

Thanks to the keywords different myths that we will expose today have become very useful around them. Despite the evolution that the keywords meta, where it went from being a little relevant piece to being of utmost importance within the SEO positioning.

For this moment, It is still a matter of debate whether these keywords really are not really useful or, on the contrary, can serve to improve some aspects of our Web page, factor that we as Webtrabajos we consider a good marketing strategy and that we use to design the websites.

Then, You will find some of the most widespread myths about the uses of these keywords and that they are totally denied by the search engines.

keywords 2

1.Top search results are quick to hit - keywords

That will depend a lot on the keywords chosen. For example, if you are going to start a job SEO about the term "marketing strategies", you should know that you must persevere enough to achieve a space on the first page, well the offer regarding this keyword it's quite big. That's why, We highly recommend betting on keywords that have a longer context, as "marketing strategy course" The "digital marketing course ”. And if you wonder why the answer is simple as well as being more specific and segmented, competition is less. Thus, you will achieve your goal less difficulties.


2. Keywords became irrelevant

Despite the fact that many users thought that after the new algorithm that Google has from the 2013 the keywords they would lose all their strength as a search factor.

The truth is that keywords they are still very important and you are quite relevant in the search engine, since it's still the easiest way for Google to match a site in a search.

But then why did Google change its algorithm? The difference is that the algorithm got smarter. Clear examples are that now he knows how to send "Futsal" results to people searching for "Futsal", as well as showing “notebooks” for those who search for “laptops”. In conclusion we have to Google has made the relationship between websites, or search results between the search engine and the users is more natural. But the keywords continue to be very important in this filter.

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3. The summit is guaranteed after the conquest

Maybe after a lot of work and perseverance, you conquered the top 3 of the positioning in the Google search engine thanks to the utility you gave to one of the keywords, the question now is does that imply that now my website se will be lodged there so as not to lose the throne? o What are the guarantees that our competitor will not improve a Article, blog or one Web page who has lost his place in the ranking?.

Unfortunately we tell you that there are no concrete answers because as you well know the digital market it is constantly changing and search engine rankings are no exception, but neglect is not something that with the help of Webtrabajos cannot be solved.

As mentioned above the keywords are an important marketing strategy and it is currently used by many in their websites, therefore in Webtrabajos We recommend that you keep an eye on the positioning of yours websites in the search engines, always keep it updated with new information and new data , in this way you will be up to date with the competition and you will be able to maintain or improve the positioning from you website.

4. The higher the number of pages, the better the positioning of the site

Another great myth is in the relationship that we give to the quantity-quality that has to do with the number of competing pages of your website. It is clear that wanting search engines increase demand about websites on a keyword it won't make you website go up in position on the Search Engine, clearly with the exception that those websites created have a high degree of relevance and quality within your competition.

But looking at it more generally, it is more useful to make a single Article O blog but with more complete content on a specific topic instead of dividing them into several sections. Well as a conclusion, it is better to have a Web page excellent positioned in the main search engines, to have several but with a positioning little relevant as at the end of the first, on the second or third pages of the search engine.

5. Does Google penalize its use?

Another of the great myths that exist around these keywords is if its use can really be detrimental to a Web page because it has mentioned sanctions made by Google for its constant use.

It is not wrong to think or conclude that this type of keywords in a website may involve a sanction by Google, since many think that not having any type of utility they do not add points to your Web page if not on the contrary they harm us. Nevertheless, the truth is that using them is not a problem, Conversely, As previously mentioned, it brings us utility and visibility in our page web and the search engines do not penalize websites who decide to include this type of labels in their digital marketing strategy.

We want to help you improve the visibility of your website, therefore remember that in Webtrabajos you can contact us to give you the best advice to design your website and build the best marketing strategy for your business.


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