keywords what are? and what are their myths ๐Ÿš€-๐Ÿ”ฅ


What is the use of KEYWORDS today?

Among the concerns that currently arise around the keywords one of the most relevant is if they really have a utility or is simply an ornament that is given to websites.

While most experts assure that, actually, they are useless, some websites how Webtrabajos we continue to include them in our content and this is why we know the importance of their use.

Taking into account all of the above, the question is: How can we give adequate utility to keywords?

Then, We will explain what exactly they are and how they can help us in positioning SEO of a Web page.


What are Keywords?:

In programming languages, "a keyword O reserved word is a word or identifier that has a particular meaning for a programming languageโ€, this leads us to think about its importance, Well, by including this series of labels that include keywords We will be indicating to the search engine what is the content or theme of our Web page and by putting it into practice we will have a greater scope in the search engine and we will achieve a better positioning inside of the digital market.

Myths about the meta keyword

Thanks to the keywords different myths that we will expose today have become very useful around them. Despite the evolution that the keywords meta, where it went from being a little relevant piece to being of utmost importance within the SEO positioning.

For this moment, It is still a matter of debate whether these keywords really are not really useful or, on the contrary, can serve to improve some aspects of our Web page, factor that we as Webtrabajos we consider a good marketing strategy and that we use to design the websites.

Then, You will find some of the most widespread myths about the uses of these keywords and that they are totally denied by the search engines.

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