steps to create a useful interim marketing strategy 🚀 🔥

Steps to Create a Helpful Interim Marketing Strategy

Your clearly defined audience is changing their behaviors. Your well-detailed business goals are constantly changing.

Your pre-pandemic content marketing strategy isn't working in this new world.

What you should do Create a tight one page content marketing strategy ASAP.

(I know you're pressed for time, so I won't bore you with all the statistics that say a documented content marketing strategy is a key success differentiator. But it is, and that is why you need to create a new interim strategy now.

documented content marketing strategy

We realize that “short term” may vary based on current news, your audience and your industry. You may need to repeat this process several times in the coming months as priorities evolve.

We also know that some companies are changing their core business to help with the COVID-19 response.: an alcohol distillery that changes to produce hand sanitizer, a fabric retailer that makes safety masks or a manufacturer that reorganizes its plants to make ventilators and respirators. If your business falls into that category, this process is even more important. You may need to do it twice: once to educate your existing audiences about your new business (and how it may or may not affect them directly) and once for its original business but returning.

Identify current organizational goals

If you are lucky, the leadership team has communicated the short-term direction of the company to the best of their knowledge today. If not, look around.

What has changed about the products and services you are delivering to your customers? How could that be in a month or two as people continue to isolate? What would that be like when people, many of whom may have developed new perspectives or habits, slowly return to a more typical routine?

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