Pinterest is the secret weapon of content marketing

Years have passed since Facebook began limiting the reach of business pages while building one of the world's most popular and robust advertising platforms.. The Instagram algorithm , while creating a great consumer experience, has left companies struggling to participate and feel hampered by a lack of traffic opportunities.

That's where Pinterest comes in.. In 2017, this visual search and discovery platform quietly became the engine # 2 of all the social traffic . And for those who take advantage of its potential, Pinterest can be even more shocking, sometimes rivaling search engine referrals.

When it comes to traffic … Marketing on Facebook is like betting on a horse race and Pinterest is like a high-performance 401K. It may take a while, but it's a better long-term investment

Why Pinterest resistance?

Content sellers don't understand Pinterest.

Not because they are not capable. Not because lifestyle bloggers, they do understand Pinterest, they are smarter than they are. No, it's because Pinterest is not like anything else they've found.

This is the place where people look for inspiration and education. Despite the way your data is characterized in Google Analytics and the way marketing posts group social media , Pinterest is NOT a social network . What works on Facebook and Instagram does NOT work on Pinterest.

Why is it important CV?

How content marketers should think on Pinterest

Think of Pinterest as the introvert network. We are not there to show our lives or businesses. We are there to plan our lives and business new and improved . Understanding THIS key distinction can make a big difference on Pinterest.

people who have “tried Pinterest” they stumble. “Try out” this platform is a bit like “try” blog to generate Google search traffic. If you try it long enough to make it a nuisance, then quit before you start to see results, ANY effort will be a failure.

But, the reward is on the other side. In fact, the half-life of a Pin is 3.5 months . For comparison, the half-life of a Tweet is 24 MINUTES. In case you are not interested in mathematics, That means that your average PIN will give you traffic and distribution construction commitment for 638K% more than your average Tweet accumulates interactions..

Can it work for content marketers?

While the most popular categories on Pinterest are what i would expect, topics like travel, Health & Wellness, food and drink, etc., there is plenty of room for other topics.

Case in question: I'm the Content Marketing Manager at Tailwind. We help people to market more effectively on Pinterest and Instagram. Our audience is the sellers. No home decoration. No food no fashion. The 65% of our social traffic comes from Pinterest.

Donna Moritz de Socially Sorted is a content marketer who understands the power Pinterest has to grow her business. She shares some of her favorite features of the platform,

How to make Pinterest work for you

Since the implementation of best practices for Pinterest, Simple Pin Media client, Julep Tile, You have seen your Pinterest traffic surpass that of all other sources, including search. In fact, Pinterest traffic represents more than 73% of total traffic to your site. They don't just come to dream and plan, neither. Do Pinterest visitors subscribe to your email list?, request mosaic samples and sales? They are “crushing”, as the owner of Simple Pin says, Kate Ahl.

Now consider how the Pinners discover on the platform: Frame your content in a way that engages people in discovery mode. Keep things positive and show Pinners how your product or service or content can make your everyday life or special event infinitely better. That is the secret sauce of Pinterest.

Now all you need to do now is strategically create and save Pinnable images. Images in a ratio for each page or post to give your content even wider distribution.. Keep keywords consistent between your PIN (including title, the description and text of the PIN image), the title and description of your dashboard and its linked page. Claim your website so Pinterest knows it's yours. Create new content even if it's just a new image or and constantly anchor.

The next big thing for content marketers?

Perhaps. With 300 million monthly active users, certainly not the giant that is Facebook. On the other hand, Facebook would prefer that you stay on their site; whereas Pinterest is about discovering and taking action, what traffic means to you.

Those content marketers willing to look beyond clichés can find a significant source of additional traffic on the website between wedding dresses and recipes.. Will you make it work for you?


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