Why an app ecosystem is important to your CMS 🚀 🔥

Why a powerful application ecosystem is important to your CMS

We may just have 20 years in the current century, but the rate of change that we have already experienced as a result of technological innovation has been impressive. In fact, since the year 2000, the 52 % of companies in Fortune 500 filed for bankruptcy, were acquired or ceased to exist as a result of digital disruption.

And it can be difficult to understand how much change we have witnessed in a relatively short space of time, but a quick look at some of the highlights of the year 2000 brings it out.

How were the web pages?

At the beginning of the century, HTML was a mystery to most, and a typical web designer's toolkit comprised Microsoft Notepad, Microsoft Frontpage, Microsoft Paint y, si lograbas encontrarlo en Tucows, Paintshop Pro. Eso fue todo.

Hoy es más fácil. Más fácil, Los temas se pueden comprar en segundos. Los editores WYSIWYG guardan contenido a medida que lo crea. Se pueden adoptar miles de complementos y módulos con solo unos pocos clics. Y los sistemas de administración de contenido, como el CMS recientemente lanzado , se han vuelto mucho más fáciles de usar, ayudando a democratizar la experiencia de administración web.