Search engine ranking is important because it affects the amount of traffic your website receives. The more people you have visiting your site; greater possibilities you have to sell your products or services. When searching, most people tend to go beyond the first page of Google. It is very important that your brand is one of these 10 results.

To make your website appear at the top of search results, you should invest some time and effort in positioning and search engine optimization. for your site (or have a digital marketing company do it on your behalf).

First, let's take a closer look at what the search engine positioning and what is the difference with SEO.

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is the art of maximizing search engine rankings for individual web pages. If we talk about search engine optimization, we generally think of google. We can also do search engine positioning on Yahoo or Bing.

Getting a good search position can be achieved through SEO. This is the art of optimizing a website to rank as high as possible in Google (or other search engines).

This is becoming increasingly important when trying to improve competitive positioning among a younger demographic.. This demographic tends to be more web-oriented, so search engines and social media are particularly important to them.

What is the difference with SEO?

There is little difference when it comes to search engine optimization and SEO, and both terms are generally used to explain the same thing. SEO, what does it mean ” Search Engine Organization ” refers to the optimization of organic search results. Search engine positioning is more focused on “position” your brand as best you can in search engines.

You will need SEO to rank in search engines organic results or PPC for paid results. It is a broader term than SEO. There are many moving parts in the search engine positioning , but the most important component is the content. If you want your site to have a good ranking, you need to make sure your content is interesting, useful and relevant. And it has to be optimized for search engine visibility using keywords.

How content affects SEO

To understand how content affects SEO, it is important to have a basic understanding of how search engines work. Google and other search engines want to provide their users with the best possible information. In this way, your users have a good user experience.

If the first search result links to a site that is spam or full of false information, the user will not have a good experience and can stop using that search engine. That is why Google classifies sites that are authoritative., reliable and useful higher than others.

The content you have on your site greatly affects whether people find it useful and trustworthy.. The content must be original, precise and attractive. It should be a means of providing users with the information they are looking for or helping them achieve their goals, how to make a purchase or determine a location.

We can conclude that in 2019, content marketing is very important and should be implemented for every SEO strategy.

SEO and keywords

In addition to being well written, free of grammatical errors and useful, content should also be easy for search engines to read.

This is where keyword optimization comes in. . Keywords are words or phrases that people use when they type in a Google search.

Essentially, you want the phrases or words that people are searching to appear on your site so that Google finds your site to be a good match. (Nevertheless, this does not mean that keywords should be included in the content. This SEO tactic is outdated and generally does more harm than good).

Why is search engine optimization important?

The implementation of an excellent search engine positioning strategy is essential for any online presence. Being the best positioned on search engines requires dedication and attention to detail., which is why it's so important to opt for the services of a digital expert to help you.

And if you are still not convinced of the importance of Creatitive search engine positioning services, this is the reason why a great SEO strategy is necessary for any brand.

Why is it important CLV?

Increase visibility.

Just take a moment to consider this: manages to rank your website for a specific keyword that comes with 500,000 visits per month. further, the first search result revealed in a search engine receives up to 20% of clicks, which in turn generates 100.000 organic visitors per month.

Thus, a good search engine rankings you can redirect traffic to your website at no additional cost, only if SEO is done correctly.

It is a long term investment.

A correct SEO strategy represents a long-term investment. It is true that SEO positioning for a website carries initial costs. Nevertheless, if you rank high on the first page results in a search engine, you will receive an outstanding amount of high quality traffic, no additional costs.

Let's say 1 decade 100 visitors end up completing a purchase on your website. Each customer adds a value of $ 100 to your business, which will generate a monthly income of $ 100,000. Actually, can greatly increase your overall monthly income, when ranking high for several important keywords.

Create a trustworthy and trustworthy image of your brand.

Authority and relevance represent the two most important SEO related factors. This means that when your website is positioned in the first search results, visitors will automatically think that your site provides the information they were looking for. further, having a high ranking in a search query will suggest that other customers or visitors found this particular website useful.

In addition to building trust, SEO can also increase your impact on social media. This happens because the links can be redistributed on social networks and make use of the content that you used as part of your search engine positioning strategy.

A search engine positioning strategy must be constantly modified. Google changes its algorithm frequently and trends and searches also change always. This allows a company to analyze, continuously measure and optimize for the sole purpose of receiving the best result and correcting any detail within the strategy.


Rich content is very effective for search engine positioning . It's important not to forget other factors like quality backlinks and a great mobile experience. Good content is just one of many factors that play an important role in ranking on Google..

Remember, an effective and successful SEO campaign will affect the positioning of your search engine in a positive way. Try our services at Creatitive and see how we can help your business.

Search engine positioning services

Search Engine Positioning Services refers to a marketing strategy that highlights a brand in a specific niche.. further, It consists of a group of techniques that aim to improve the position of a website in a search engine.. Optimization and positioning is required for major search engines. Any company that wants to improve the popularity and visibility of a brand on the web should focus on this..

The best way to ensure you have quality content is to hire an expert to do the job.. At Creatitive, our agency has a team of copywriters and SEO experts. They are professionals in content creation for companies and entrepreneurs in all industries.


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