Today we bring you some tips that will surely serve you in a process with a client SEO, Well, we like Webtrabajos They have been very useful when it comes to starting a business SEO. Our methodology to grow as SEO is to see less talks and more action, as this is a factor when we deal with clients of this type, Here is a structure of the process to guide you:

Calls for action

The calls to action will be one of our best allies, you wonder what it is about, they are calls to clients of the type: Do you want to climb the rankings? Do you want to reach the top? Do you want to sell more, you want to be found? Following this call the client will want more information to which we will respond of the type, ask us for your budget, call us, We speak, etc.


Authority in this business is important because it is focused on our image you can use such as logos of clients with whom you have worked, well-known tool logos you use, and / or media logos where you have appeared., this will generate an impact on customers with greater credibility and trust.

SEO success stories

Create a space in your landing of Success stories from your clients explaining them in detail, And if you can talk a little about how they were when they came to you and what they have achieved thanks to your work, This will make your potential clients show the positive impact that you generate through your work.


This tip is closely linked with the previous one, it is very important again, It is clear that when we are starting we will not have customer testimonials, Nevertheless, I recommend that at least they be testimonials from recognized industry colleagues. Like the success stories, it is recommended that they be testimonials from clients such as your ideal client.

SEO Lead magnet

In this case we recommend that you try different formulas, it may well be a subscription to a mini-course that has a short duration through an email with advice on marketing Y seo, with final mail and you can make a call to action, or generate the subscription for a webinar free on how to attract customers by organic traffic or finally simply offer a free mini audit of 10 minutes in video, checking the web the client's, This type of plus will generate a positive impact on clients, in addition to contributing to their professional learning.

SEO Filtering Leads

How Webtrabajos we know that this part is quite important depends on your situation, well we have two options ,if you are starting it is not worth filtering anything, Well, in these cases you will be looking for clients and you will have to accept absolutely everything, either due to financial need or the need for success stories, As a second option, we find the case that you already have a more profitable business, you can receive a significant demand for budgets, We recommend filtering so as not to waste time even in meetings with unprofitable clients.

You can divide the filtering into two phases, either active or passive:

  • Active: You intervene either by mail or call indicating your minimum prices before wasting time on budgets for a client that is not aligned with your prices. The good part of this system is that you always open the possibility that the client adjusts with the value that you proposed and you can generate a mutual agreement and finalize the business.
  • passive: When you have a large customer demand, we recommend this type of filtering because thanks to its more radical you can go more directly to the objective and you will be able to generate quite interesting customers

Contact and management

Contact forms for leads

Is it good how many more the better? ¿Chat, mail, forms, telephone, whatsapp, etc?

When we talk about creating a contact with SEO clients it is important to keep the following in mind:

  • The difficulty of measuring and unifying all requests opening so many avenues.
  • The false expectation of communication that you create when starting the process in certain ways, example that they get used to contacting you via chat or via whatsapp once work has started.
  • Your ability and ability to manage certain channels of contact, example if you are freelance and you have to manage all of yourself, especially the telephone, which is totally invasive and a constant source of interruptions and distraction.

How do you know which means of contact to use?

The means of contact you use in this type of business SEO It is important to know that it will depend on the typology of clients, It will also be important to know what level of knowledge they have and the size of the business, for example, perhaps for a neighborhood business with little knowledge of seo and web we conclude that a meeting in Zoom will not be the best option and you will surely prefer a call O a face-to-face meeting. Nor will it be a good idea to prioritize the telephone medium for your contact if you are not good at creating a contact in the.

A good option to organize yourself regarding the communication channels that you will use with your clients is to measure conversions by channel, for example; you can create an excel, trello or asana, what best suits you, Below we will give you some information that these types of documents may have:

  • Request date
  • In charge of management, it could be you or someone from your team.
  • Client data
  • Source, at this point you can write which channel I got to you either by reference, by SEO, for an event, etc.
  • Contact medium if he called you, or send an email, through a chat, etc.
  • Request here you can describe what the client's request was.
  • Management channel, Here you will talk about how you have dealt with the client either through a face-to-face meeting, or if it was all by mail or phone, etc.
  • State, At what point is the negotiation with the client sent budget, scheduled meeting, etc.
  • Next action required
  • Scheduled
  • Final situation accepted, rejected, pending, etc.

SEO proposal and budget

Being sincere, We know that when a client wants to create a business, the vast majority of them will ask for a quote from various agencies or freelancers, so you have to show off as much as possible in the proposal in terms of design and quality to once again stand out from your competitors.

First meeting with an SEO client

Now when we already have a budget request, How do we proceed? Since we have previously measured which channel is best for us, we already know that we must prioritize.

Here is an example if your chosen channel is telephone or online meeting and you find it difficult to schedule a date, you can manage other aspects of the meeting and in this way at least you will have some previous data to prepare this first meeting in the best way.

Elements that a good proposal must include

As a last tip we will give you some of the most relevant elements that a proposal can have to make it good., attractive and effective:

  • Personalization, If we address the company and the specific person in the meeting, the better, seo proposal for Pepito Pérez for the positioning of his web x
  • Presentation of your company and everything you understand.
  • Description of the parts of the service you offer.
  • A summary of the errors detected and discussed in the meeting plus how you are going to address them


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