Clickbait has a bad reputation.

Years of excessive use and abuse have affected its reputation, This has led many to ban the practice altogether.

For example, the algorithm Facebook users found that despise clickbait, which he led to the giant social networks to oppose the practice.

Legitimate news sites and “false” They have adopted the practice to have more eyes on your content. NPR reports on how Upworthy, the son of the poster holders clickbait, he faced an early demise because of their tendency to exaggerate the hype and deliver the story.

His story is a perfect example of how not to use clickbait.

But clickbait is not a new phenomenon, and there is still a time and place for it in marketing .

What exactly clickbait?

In its purest form, clickbait content is simply intended to capture the attention of users and attract them to click.

But over the years, It has earned a reputation as false advertising.

Tech Crunch clickbait defined as the act of intentionally mislead an audience about the content of an advertisement or news, generally through a holder, image or title.

You have certainly seen examples floating around the web, bearing phrases like “You do not going to believe what happens next!” O “This will surprise!”

The problem with using clickbait is a method of bait and switch. Draws attention immediately, but you can not deliver when a user clicks. Understandably, this leads to frustration and even resentment by the user.

Why does clickbait?

Clickbait continued success boils down to the way the people think.

Psychology Today links the success of clickbait with how humans seek information: we always want more.

Our brain releases dopamine reward for making positive actions, and when we click on an interesting headline, We receive an injection of the chemical directly into our brains. The words clickbait holders take advantage of that desire, forcing us to click to get that quick injection of dopamine as a reward for giving in to our curiosity.

The Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil and the Institute of Qatar Computing Research found a study group that found the most compelling headlines that there are those who polarize the audience.

The extreme views generated the most interest. To the input information that may not know, the holder requires us to obtain more information. Clickbait is an easy way to engage a reader from the outset.

Clickbait also plays in the FOMO effect, or fear of missing. If you upset someone with information, Naturally you will need to close the gap curiosity; on the contrary, the risk is lost.

Nevertheless, Clickbait is not an automatic method to capture the attention of readers on the content.

If you misrepresent what your content in a headline, run the risk of alienating our audience rather than keep them interested. There are specific instances where clickbait is perfect to catch the audience and draw, and sometimes when they do not work at all.


When should you use clickbait?

There are some times when a company may consider as a practical solution clickbait marketing.

Nevertheless, it is not a wonder drug or a quick fix. Using clickbait comes with massive expectations for the content falls short of expectations.

Always be careful. If you are not sure whether a holder accurately reflects its content or do not think the quality justifies the exaggerated clickbait can provide, avoid using it altogether.

Usually, clickbait works best in these situations:

Driving traffic to a website

Clickbait direct traffic to your site; after all, It is designed to attract clicks.

If that traffic is reduced to account if your content meets expectations or not. Once again, make sure it meets its promise that leads to a page with high quality.

the best way to avoid immediate rebound it is to make your content less advertising. As the New York Times says , people despise ads.

How much less “advantageous” is our content, more likely it is that makes hearing-click the rest of our content.


viral marketing attempt

The critical word here is “tried”, since no one can guarantee that a part of the exploit and share content on the Internet.

Nevertheless, the intelligent clickbait can make people want to share things.

While it will not guarantee that your publication becomes viral , You may encourage more people to share, which will give greater exposure.

As more people see your content, increase the chances that off and go viral. The eye-catching headline makes it easier to make people read.

To share a message

The value-based marketing is not to promote products and services. This is to promote values.

Appeals to the emotions and points weak user to the present the only value a brand brings. Because clickbait often based on an emotional trigger, it may be suitable for this type of marketing.

The side effect of this type of promotion is that it can increase the audience interest in the shared brand. Share brand messaging is a great way to help a company gain visibility and credibility within an industry.

When avoid using clickbait

Too many sellers use when they should clickbait.

The result is that the whole concept has a bad reputation. Clickbait is a tool and, like any other tool, You can help or hinder its users. Clickbait is not a bait and should not be used as such.

Much of the negative press that receives the tactic comes from vendors and reporters that the advantage to generate views without worrying about the time investment audience. At the same there specific use cases in which clickbait is good, there are times when a company should not adopt it as a marketing strategy.

Some of these situations are:

When you can not deliver on the headline

Much people value their time.

They do not appreciate it when a headline prepares them for something and not fulfill his promise. In any case, He makes them wary of anything that might offer them.

If you can not meet the hype offered by the owner, then we should avoid it altogether.

Why is it important CV?

When you have wrong information or incomplete

It is tempting to use information that aligns with our values ​​to sell a product. Chances are that even get some clicks and develop followers.

Nevertheless, if the truth is revealed and is not aligned with our content, We lose the confidence of every member of the audience initially become. If your information is incomplete or blatantly inaccurate, we must avoid completely clickbait.

While never recommended use false information, You may be covering a story as it develops or anticipating new developments. If that's the case, clickbait not promote promising responses have not yet complete.

Learning the art of clickbait

Although the title 'clickbait’ It is relatively new, real marketing tactic has been around for years.

While the method and means of delivery have changed, the content and purpose are still the same. Swiped mentions an ad that has a holder clickbait, published in 1927. So, as you can see, clickbait was used long before the Google web sites and will enter the game.

This shows the good side of clickbait. Remember, at the end of the day, It is simply a marketing ploy aimed at influencing people to buy a product, that marketers have been using since the beginning of the twentieth century.

From this ad, we realize that the art of the clickbait is to offer hope and then fulfill that promise. His goal is to capture the attention of the user and put your eyes on something useful for them.

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Drawing attention to the headlines

The successful use of clickbait is mastering the art of the holder.

A holder clickbait is one that offers a fun premise, intriguing and exciting for the reader.

It can come in several different forms, each focused on a different part of the hopes and fears of our audience. Marketers understand the use of the term “critical points” when they talk about what motivates buyers.

These “pain points” They are also present in the minds of people. These are the things in which three focus techniques clickbait most popular and useful.

the Newsjack

Newsjacking takes a legitimate and newsworthy subject and then adds intrigue and mystery.

It is not a new technique: PR companies have been doing for decades to get free advertising. As mentioned earlier, Polarization holders will surely attract people, and include a problem of polarization in a headline will make people want to click on your link content.

The general format of the title goes along these lines:

[Person / Brand / Company] Secretly mentions [Person / Brand / Company] What is your opinion about REAL [Polarization topic]

Topics shock

People do not expect the surprise news, so when someone or something makes an unexpected action, everyone wants to know.

The mainstay of the fanatical journalist since time immemorial, a “shocking topic” You can cover social taboo as sex discussions, politics, race and religion, the issues that most experts agree that not to speak in polite company.

The general format of these headlines is:

[Person / Group] Make / dice [improper thing] in [controversial environment]


The [people against problem] They are using this shocking [photo / image problem] for [change minds / create chaos / etc.]

Cliffhangers that attract readers

Cliffhangers, as clickbait, They have a bad reputation.

Some people like, others hate them, but regardless of the opinion of the audience on them, always want to know more.

A cliffhanger is designed to encourage the reader to click. It offers a provocation of the subject without a final satisfactory, what makes them want to click on the link for more information.

Some standard forms include suspense titles:

Things that nobody mentions [controversial subject]


[overrated thing] vs. [Another overrated thing] en The World Today

Why is it important CLV?

Final analysis of clickbait

Even if social networks and Google have it available as clickbait, He is not dead yet. It just takes a little more skill to create and deliver.

The critical concept to keep in mind is that the developing clickbait should not exceed the hype delivery. At the same as other types of content marketing, the reader should not feel that waste time.

Once it succeeds, It succeeds where others have failed to make the clickbait be a viable marketing strategy.


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