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What is the SEO ON PAGE? 🥇

SEO On Page, Optimization of factors and basic tips

What is "SEO on Page"?

On Page SEO is a term English, we use to refer to the optimizations you can do on your page ("On Page" = On page), to improve its organic positioning.

What is the "SEO on Page"?

The aim of the SEO On Page is "make life easy for Google", so you can index your pages as quickly as possible ... and classify them according're interested.

How Google indexes your pages?

Getting your page comes out on the results Google robots must find and clasificarla.Estos "robots" (or "bots") They are automated programs that read, removed and archived content pages.

General tips for a good SEO on Page

To carry out a good optimization "On Page" You must perform a series of activities, all important, but some more necessary than others.

What SEO on page factors into account Google?

Do I need an SEO audit to my website?


What I will do in this post will tell you what those factors on page SEO that Google has more in mind are (SEOs know that), so do not let them ignore your web positioning strategy.

But before anything! The first thing will be to make sure your site is indexed by Google. On the contrary, You will not appear in search results! That would be, undoubtedly, on page No. 1 factor and you should check all your projects.

To verify that your website is being indexed can use the command site:http://tudominio.com in your browser or directly into Google and see if the number of matches results (or similar) to the total number of internal pages of your web.

Remember to put the domain with or without www, since the results vary according to the put or not. If your website redirects from 3w to no 3w, then the command you should not put, and vice versa.

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semantic web

Semantic Web is an increasingly widespread concept that has to do with the diversity of the keyword or keyword, that is to say, your content keyword rich and that there is a connection between all ellas.Por you an example: if we have a text about Apple, it would be appropriate to include the words surrounding all its semantic circle, as "iPhone", “Steve Jobs”, “Tim Cook”, “Apple Watch”, “iPod”, “Silicon Valley”, "bitten apple", etc.De this way Google will try best to your content, because they see that you have related many concepts and, so, You can provide value to the user (yes, "value", that word as used in online marketing and SEO).


Optimization "title" and "description"

Each item must have a title and description. And not only that Google can interpret (and position) the content, but to have a visual impact on search results, that is to say, that people set on your website when they are buscando.Los advice recommended to have an optimized title are:Include your main keyword as soon as possible. If it is the beginning, best. Include the name of your online store or company (if it fits) to the end or to the beginning. Doing this also will generate branding. Using some words in capital letters to draw attention, as long as feasible. For the descriptions, to having more space, we can give more play to the keyword optimization and attracting traffic, so it is recommended:Also use the main keyword (will appear in bold in the SERPs of Google when users search for and display your page). Place variations of the keyword or keywords secondary. Inciting the click persuading the user, telling what interesting things you will find inside. Do not short descriptions, but not exceed the maximum allowable pixels that would cortda in the SERPS.

Making SEO On Page in a Web

Key Factors SEO On Page

To Google or any search engine to index the pages of your website, convenience need the robots to crawl your website to know what is and what are the most important pages.

various factors must be taken into account that affect the on page SEO. We will highlight the most important.

Keyword Search

Before starting any project web, we have to decide what words we want to position ourselves key. That's the time to make a keyword research to see search volume and competition for keywords.

When searching for keywords is important keep in mind the search intent with our users. Is ultimately it is they who have to meet and if we do Google will know and we will go up in your search results page.

There is 3 types of search intentions:

informative: the user is seeking information. For example: Things to Do in Madrid. navigational: the user is looking for a particular web. For example: amazon. transactional: the user is looking to buy a product or service. For example: buy iphone X.Dependiendo of the type of business you have and the content we're doing will emphasize more on a keyword or otra.Por example: in an ecommerce transaction and we will use the Navigational and the blog will use the information to attract traffic through content and become sales.


Creating optimized content

We reached the icing on the cake. There is much talk that content is king and indeed it is.The content is not only the articles of the blog, They are also the texts of the home, Product listings, Often images ..., we tend to think that only the text content but also the artwork is and is very important for user experience and time spent on site.

internal links

Bots to guide and facilitate browsing the web, there internos.Estos that uses links are links that point to other pages within our website. These are much needed to tell them what the most important business pages are. A good interlinking strategy will not only help the spiders to index our site, also because users will go where we want.

Speed ​​page load

Another factor influencing the internal SEO is the speed of loading pages. When a web takes to load a rejection generates the user who will return to the results page to enter another web.Esto Google detects this and is a sign that your website is not good enough to be in that position. Therefore we must take care of optimizing code and image quality ... to be fast and create a good experience usuario.Podemos know the speed of loading web with our free tool PageSpeed.Cuando introduce our url gives us an assessment for mobile and desktop version and some notes to improve optimization.


Optimizing images

And we turn to the fourth and final essential point for our content!Surely items you may have in your images, But Google is not able to read, we must provide the work with an HTML tag that will indicate what is shown in the picture or what trata.El inserted code is as follows: "description. There are some CMS that allow you to insert this information (alt text) automatically.

Add your Keyword in Title Exacta

If you want Google to take into account you have to use a good title for your article and it is essential to include your keyword principal.Un without the keyword title is like a fried egg without salt What You like fried eggs without salt? Well, Google does not keyword.Junto titles with the url the title tag is one of the most important factors into account to understand what your página.Cómo use keywords in the title of your post


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