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What is the SEO ON PAGE? 🥇

SEO On Page, Optimization of factors and basic tips

What is "SEO on Page"?

On Page SEO is a term English, we use to refer to the optimizations you can do on your page ("On Page" = On page), to improve its organic positioning.

What is the "SEO on Page"?

The aim of the SEO On Page is "make life easy for Google", so you can index your pages as quickly as possible ... and classify them according're interested.

How Google indexes your pages?

Getting your page comes out on the results Google robots must find and clasificarla.Estos "robots" (or "bots") They are automated programs that read, removed and archived content pages.

General tips for a good SEO on Page

To carry out a good optimization "On Page" You must perform a series of activities, all important, but some more necessary than others.

What SEO on page factors into account Google?

Do I need an SEO audit to my website?


What I will do in this post will tell you what those factors on page SEO that Google has more in mind are (SEOs know that), so do not let them ignore your web positioning strategy.

But before anything! The first thing will be to make sure your site is indexed by Google. On the contrary, You will not appear in search results! That would be, undoubtedly, on page No. 1 factor and you should check all your projects.

To verify that your website is being indexed can use the command site:http://tudominio.com in your browser or directly into Google and see if the number of matches results (or similar) to the total number of internal pages of your web.

Remember to put the domain with or without www, since the results vary according to the put or not. If your website redirects from 3w to no 3w, then the command you should not put, and vice versa.

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