SEO is an abbreviation and means the term in English “Search Engine Optimization“, which in Spanish means nothing more than the search engine optimization. By definition, This means all the measures that lead to a website be as far ahead organic as possible, that is to say, unpaid search results from search engines terms of relevant search.

Once you reflect on your own behavior search in Google, You will be able to quickly answer the question of why it is important to be as high as possible in the Search results. As usual, after a survey in a Search Engine, we click on one of the first three to six results. Since the main entries are paid ads, only top positions get many de facto clicks. The websites that are not on the first page of results of search they almost never receive visitors from search engines. Or when was the last time you looked at the results on the following pages?

Goals of search engine optimization (SEO)

The better a website under a term of search, the better your visibility, the higher the rate clicks, more visitors will be able to register and ideally higher will be the turnover. Definitely, is about optimize sales, or at least raise awareness. So as not to get lost in the group of billions of websites and be noticed at all, the search engine optimization.

The fact that we are already satisfied with the first results of search it is due to the algorithms of the search. Using a variety of different criteria, the algorithm determines the location of each website included in the search engine index. The algorithm of Google now it's so sophisticated that, according to our search query, but also, for example, our behavior of search above and our geographical position, presents results of search in descending order of relevance that optimally satisfy our information or entertainment needs in almost the 100 percent of cases.

Do you want more SEO?

From our many years of experience in the area of search engine optimization (SEO), We have developed specific service packages for the client that we use as the basis for our services, as well as workshops and training of SEO.

If you know how to do it, generally it is “solo” about practical implementation. We are not just talking about SEO, we are helping you get better performance from SEO because a good strategy SEO is the first step for the online success.

For all the skeptics and those who claim that “SEO is dead”: No, SEO, Of course, no this “dead”. Danny Sullivan also confirmed this. He has long served as the contact person between webmasters and Google. And Twitter, announced that the evolution of search it is, Of course, also an opportunity for SEO. As good SEO, you should only be able to recognize this.


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