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What are structured data?

Structured data are becoming increasingly important with regard to search engine optimization . Search strategies in Heroes handle every day to deliver the best possible customer websites. Thus, we show how data are structured and what use have.

Structured data are data that are communicated in tabular form the visitor to a website. These are also conveniently transmitted to the search engines and provide them with understanding websites. Structured data show search engine bots like Google bot or image Googlebot, for example, the embedded file is a video or numbers on the contact page are the opening times. In addition to personal names and product, dates of concerts and movies are popular applications. Especially when it comes to specifics, as customer reviews, recipes or events, Structured data help web crawlers to better understand the elements of the page.

The structure can be considered a family table of daily life. This table contains rows with an identifier corresponding column and row containing the data associated. The column identifier, for example, “Phone number”, also specifies the type of data to be used, in this case, the type of data “Number”.

How you integrate structured data on the website?

Structured data are integrated into the normal structure of the web site as so-called rich snippets. Rich snippets are an extended form of fragments that may contain special items such as pictures and prices. Thus, search engines have easy access to processed data and can show this as an added value corresponding to the results pages of the search engine (abbreviation: SERPs). The search results pages show search results of a search query in descending order of relevance. Even if the use of structured data does not directly benefit the keyword ranking, more information automatically leads to more users to visit the page, so achieves a higher position.

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Depending on the system that is based on the website, this can be done, for example, with the help of additional add-ons, p. B. you can install WordPress, Typo3 o Joomla. Alternatively, structured data can also be “coded” integrated manually on your own website using HTML. Large search engines like Google have founded the Schema.org project to ensure a uniform standard for tagging structured data. This project includes a complete vocabulary with which additional information may be implemented in the HTML code, so that the tracker search engine can read structured data. With the tool for webmasters “Data marker” You can mark and label pages or sections of pages, even without deep programming knowledge. This allows presenting data in Google search results in a more visually appealing way. Nevertheless, The disadvantage of this tool is that the information provided here is only accessible to Google, and not for other search engines like Bing, and it must be created again after relaunch.

What are the advantages of structured data?

From the point of view of search engine optimization, Structured data offer substantial advantages for machinery, visitors to the website and also the operator of the site. Because the search engine receives more useful information and site visitor receives more relevant information, which often leads to the desired click. For particular online shops, It can be useful if Google has more context through structured data to reveal what the page. In the case of particular online shops, The product descriptions are quite short, so indexing search engines may be inaccurate. further, Additional content rich snippets possible by offering a visual advantage. Because these fragments extended, for example, Customer ratings can be displayed as asterisks.

Conclusion Structured Data

In this way, your site stands out from the website of your competition without structured data, so you get the click that your competitor loses. Because if z. For example, If a product page already contains customer ratings and price information in search results, the chances are greater click. The click through rate and length of stay are two of several hundred ranking factors that can boost page. can then hold that side to side clickthrough rate and length of stay are two of several hundred ranking factors that can boost page. can then hold that side to side clickthrough rate and length of stay are two of several hundred ranking factors that can boost page. You can then hold that side to the high quality ladocontenido Co. must also rely on structured data found to be better.


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