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Here you will find different examples of the best Marketing campaings in recent history, and the lessons you can learn from them when planning your own marketing campaign and that by integrating the new marketing strategies in the business you will notice a big difference.

goPro marketing campaign

GoPro always meets the expectations of its customers through marketing, as it has the experiences of its users at the heart of its corporate brand, for by advertising themselves as a means of spreading the spirit of adventure and enthusiasm for exploration, GoPro has built its identity brand about your customers' experiences, just like we do it in webtrabajos.

The main center of brand content, hosts photos and videos captured with GoPro cameras. Users can choose to share the content they like or access a small menu that gives them the option to buy the camera model used to take that photo..

The reason this works so well is because GoPro took it upon themselves to create a community for the brand's users., while offering them utility, all this through its discreet e-commerce model. Visitors to the website do not feel pressure to buy the products, but they can quickly and easily access a particular product after investing in an image or video.


As a second case we find the renowned brand of Nintendo Switch, his marketing strategy it's a masterpiece, it combines an innovative design and a powerful use of language, to create a corporate brand memorable and instantly recognizable. The Switch name instantly recalls the console's ability to seamlessly transition from dock to handheld.

The reason why your marketing campaign it works so well its because it focuses on the portability and dynamism of the console, scoring all video content with click of check mark controls joycon” that are put back in place, the sound of repositioning the controls quickly became synonymous with the Switch, and unites all the corporate campaign, acting almost like a unique audible logo for the console.

And so what can we get out of this marketing strategy for our business, we identify that a marketing campaign successfully doesn't need to be complicated, and that the intelligent use of language is an excellent way to define our business brand simply and effectively. In Webtrabajos we can develop the best Marketing campaings to retain and keep your customers happy.

rolex marketing campaign

Rolex is a brand that most of us recognize as it has been cultivating a brand for decades. corporate image and loyalty to your customers through your product. Is business brand Premium demonstrates the power and importance of sticking to your brand identity own with which most of its consumers have an affinity.

He marketing content Rolex is characterized by having an elegant appearance, minimalist and professional. Their Marketing campaings are made up of high quality product photographs, simple backgrounds and little or no text. The brand speaks for itself and continues to appeal to its established market.

The marketing strategy Rolex allows us to highlight various factors such as; the importance of generating trust in our clients and familiarity in their corporate campaigns, meeting the expectations of your audience by structuring your marketing campaign and the most important to find a brand identity for our product. In Webtrabajos we are experts in generating trust and loyalty to our clients.

mailchip marketing campaign

Mailchimp is a provider of marketing services by email that has been in the market for several years and that stands out for its witty Marketing campaings, these corporate campaigns are based on a variety of misspellings and altered forms of the brand name. Some, as FailChips, point to websites own, before finally guiding the user back to the website principal.

Although this is not one of the marketing strategies most used in the market has generated very positive results because if a user writes one of the alternative names in Google, the suggestion bar says “You mean MailChimp?” Is smart marketing strategy of names makes the marketing campaign be even more memorable, while giving the company an added boost by employing keywords that can help rank in searches. In Webtrabajos we want you to be number one, that's why we have packages of Seo for position your company in the first pages of Google.

Of this peculiar marketing strategy we can show that it is not only successful by showing that the corporate brand laughs at herself, it also shows that you pay attention to what your audience says and does. This fosters engagement and assures customers that they are heard when trying to contact the company..

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