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Google says its mission is “deliver the most relevant and reliable information available”, but sometimes questions arise about where “relevant” Y “trustworthy” they fall with every search query.

Google compounds the problem by undermining that mission. Are paid ads above everything else in the SERPs always the most? “trustworthy”? Only. What about people also ask and other elements that suppress the actual results of the website? It's almost as if Google is saying: “Most likely we have not provided relevant results, so try another option”. We hope to satisfy you sometime..

Worse still are Google's zero click results. Basically, the gigantic search engine repeatedly displays responses to queries so that the search engine does not need to click. More than half of searches are zero clicks, according to research reported by Rand Fishkin in his SparkToro report based on Jumpshot click data: less than half of Google searches now result in a click .

SEO to have a greater influence on how your content appears among the SERPs

I get it. When brands prioritize publishing higher quality content, but do it less often, can impress visitors and pay in brand recognition, trust and content sharing. But if you're fading in the SERPs, you need an advantage. Feed more content to Google. If the quality is decent and you follow SEO best practices , additional content will help you get more rankings and get more natural search traffic.

Take the lead from Allstate. You could easily create an article like Teen Driver Auto Insurance . I know it is full of product references. But that information is supplemented by safety tips and quick access to state insurance requirements..

Why is it important CV?

Write longer-form content

Sometimes it is useful to write a little more to appear more frequently among the results of the SERP functions or the traditional results. You don't need to throttle thoroughly with long-form content that can easily exceed 3.000 words. (Marketers have different views on how to define long-form word counts.

CMI has many long articles that rank well for multiple keyword phrases. For example, 9 Font Hacks for the Instagram Stories You Should Know Has Around 1,200 words, not too long in any case. But it has more than 100 rankings in the top 10 and Google.

Enjoy the featured snippets presented to you

Your content can also provide opportunities to get featured snippet based on the questions you answer., your lists, data tables, etc. Get helpful tips on featured snippets from this article by Stephan Spencer: OK, Google: How do I optimize my content for highlights? Fragments.

You wouldn't change your content development strategies to avoid featured snippets that sometimes don't produce clicks. Moz , that continuously tracks how often they appear, reported that the 13.3% of the SERPs included a featured snippet when I checked in early March.

My advice is true, although in January Google closed the door to the ability of a website to enjoy a featured snippet, as well as a regular organic result on the first page of Google. Barry Schwartz evaluates the trend in his article, Everything you need to know about the Google Featured Snippet deduplication change .

Determine what's not sorting and fix it

Your website likely has many pages that don't rank well for any keyword phrase.. Revisit content that is near the first page of Google or that you expected to work well. Determine what the problem could be.

You must have a lot of content to choose from because website pages generally don't rank well enough to drive traffic. Ahrefs based a study of more than a billion pages on his index and found that the 90.63% of the website pages do not generate traffic.

You can't afford to adopt a unique philosophy with SEO. If a page is not classified well, Do you just give up or make an effort to rework it? Give a page at least a couple of months to see how Google treats it and for backlinks to be triggered (ratings may fluctuate). You won't have time to tackle every page, but choose some priorities and measure your profit in Google ranking.

Check your internal links

You can likely get a ranking boost after auditing your content and inserting more internal links to your site pages that deserve more attention.. Usually, it's better to add internal links to more specific pages rather than revising or removing existing links.

According to your internal links, Google can choose your website to appear with sitelinks in the SERPs. Sitelinks are automated, so you can't directly ask Google to display them. But you improve your chances of being selected by focusing on the overall architecture of your site and making it easier for Google to index your website..

General Motors is just one of many websites that has a strong SERP presence due to sitelinks.

Get SERP Visibility with the Tweet Carousel

All SERP features are detailed in Moz and SEMrush, that routinely track how often each type appears on Google. Get the details on Moz's Google SERP Feature Graph and SEMrush Sensor .

What steps have you taken to appear more frequently among SERPs, either within the regular results or in any of the featured content?

Look for content gaps . For example, create useful videos for specific topics that are relevant but do not appear in the SERPs.

Again, there are exceptions to best practices. For SERPs, Google doesn't always seem to care about extended duration or poor video quality. Google includes this video presentation that Microsoft posted on 2016: We will be up to you: managing customer expectations with vague promises and cheap talks .


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