service to the customer through social networking is very important

Social networks, that is to say, platforms as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter y Co., They are not only important from a marketing perspective, but also they are becoming increasingly important in terms of service to the customer . A study now shows how relevant is the issue for businesses.

Thanks to social networks , consumers can now connect with large corporations and brands. This means that the client connects to the online business and can interact with it. This proximity is increasingly important customer for the future and is a decisive factor especially for customer satisfaction. For the companies, This means they must be available 24 hours of the day, the 7 weekdays. Because when a customer or prospect contact a company through social networks, They expect an answer and an answer in no time.

Customer service social networking: study revealed

Why users follow brands on social networks? Boston's website Digital wondered why users follow a brand on social networks and what they expect and why users follow a brand again. They emerged two main reasons:

You want to learn more about a product.
The user receives more useful information about your own hobby.
For businesses and brands, This means they should focus primarily on its core business. It may be tempting to publish something fun to the beginning, because it increases the commitment, but it does not help to strengthen and expand its brand.


Customer service social networking user

Another aspect was also clear in this study: If a user contacts a company through messenger, then this should also take the message seriously. Feedback or the answer to a question is “extremely important” O “very important” for the user.

Again, There are two main reasons why a user contact a company through a direct message. Or he or she has had a specific question about a product or has had a bad experience with a product or service and now want the company to react. This is where companies and brands can score or regain the trust of users if they react quickly.

Why do people keep businesses in social networks?

The study also provides an answer to this question. If companies and brands do not take seriously their appearance and do not answer the questions of users or publish irrelevant content , then these are the reasons why the user clicks “stop following”.


conclusion: the future is called social networks

If the study shows one thing, is that companies have to invest even more in their social networking activities. Especially the younger generation wants to interact with brands and businesses on social platforms. But this is only possible if there is someone on the other side who knows the needs of the target group and knows how to meet them. Because the end one thing is also clear: the purchasing decision of customers is significantly influenced by social networks.


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