Telecommuting 6 tips on staying productive from home

While the telecommuting has become a trend for quite some time, the COVID-19 has caused its demand to increase by leaps and bounds and people around the world had to adapt, even if only temporarily, to a new work environment.

Now let's look at the telecommuting like a gift, it can save you time, money and established a whole new work environment where you can interact with your colleagues with a few clicks.

Nevertheless, thanks to telecommuting we can face new challenges because, at home, distractions are much greater and we can divert our attention from work more easily. In these cases, it can be difficult to stay motivated or create a comfortable space that makes us feel constantly productive. We as Webtrabajos We are aware of these difficulties and that is why we have collected a series of best practices that have allowed telework to flow in a better way. If you put them into practice in a correct way, you can do more work at home than at the office, so here are the tips for all those who are just starting to work from home that will surely help you produce a better job.



When you start your day to go to work, you most likely have an established routine. Maybe you stop by for a coffee before you arrive, or do you talk to your coworkers, or divide your tasks to optimize work efficiency. Routines allow us to be more effective in whatever task we perform because we do not have to think cognitively about what to do next; we just do it!

This is why it is also important to have an established routine when performing telecommuting. This is the perfect time to develop a routine that optimizes your abilities. Now you have a perfect opportunity to test new systems and test methods or techniques for both home and work in particular.. There is no specific routine that can be adapted for everyone in general, however we present some ideas to consider:

  • Establish a specific time to start your work . Now that you are working from home, it can be quite tempting to wake up at a different time each morning and start work whenever we want. But to optimize your time and perform the required work (on time), try to have a specific time to start your work day, we're not telling you to get up early; We only recommend that it is very important to start a routine. If you are not a morning person and have the flexibility to create your own schedule, start working when you feel better.

  • Create a space where you feel comfortable, the way you start your day often sets your mood for the rest of the day, These spaces can be generated either by exercising, having coffee with a family member or just writing down what you would like to achieve during the day, try to develop a routine that makes you feel positive and good about yourself.
  • Take a break, You may not be able to take breaks in the office due to your workload but even if you enjoy your work, you want the work day to end , This is why you should not overdo it in the workplace as it is not healthy for your health. telecommuting it doesn't mean you don't need or deserve a break. A good strategy is to set a timer for a five or ten minute break and allow your mind to relax and take a breath., those moments will mitigate exhaustion and feelings of overwhelm.


Technology continues to revolutionize day by day and with it bring improvements for cognitive efficiency, empowering creativity and improving industries in all areas. After all, only thanks to technology is it possible to telecommuting.

But it is important to be careful with the use of technology. For example, You may find that you are much more productive working on a laptop or you may find a distraction on your cell phone., according to your criteria you should optimize its use and correctly choose the tools with which you will work.



For people who are just beginning to perform telecommuting, home has always been home, and work has always been work. So, How can we harmoniously merge these two worlds?, How can we keep work and personal lives separate so that we can prosper in business without sacrificing our well-being?

One component that will surely help you is to create a space exclusively destined for the workplace.. Ideally, have a room dedicated entirely to work, so when you leave that room, you can disconnect from work. Try to keep that space clean and organized as this will generate greater comfort in you to carry out your daily tasks, plus it will help keep you focused, it may also be important to designate work-free rooms, like the kitchen, the living room or bedroom. Being able to separate the spaces of your home from the work environment to the staff will allow you to recharge and reconnect when you are ready to take a break.


When you are exercising the telecommuting, essentially you have to be your own boss, you must exercise discipline and enough autonomy to stay on track. But it is clear that what keeps one person motivated may not have the same impact on another person., so you will have to pay attention to what really inspires you. When do you start to feel exhausted and why? You need a break? Do you need clarification or help from a team member?

A great way to stay on track is to set small goals that you feel can help motivate you for example, small elements that can make a difference during an everyday day with a sweet. People are happiest when they feel that they are progressing and that they have a goal goal to strive for, This will make you feel good about yourself and will also make you feel much more productive when you see that you have achieved the goal you have set for your work day. As you cross items off your list, you will create an even greater momentum that will propel you forward day by day.


It is important that we remember that when we do telecommuting We are our own boss and therefore it is our job to prioritize the tasks because not all the items on our task list will be equally important, This is why as a tip we tell you to prioritize your to-do list to optimize the effectiveness of your time, for example, if you have an important task on the list that is particularly difficult, first you will want to work on it, Well, your brain will be cooler and you will be able to perform much better and when you finish it you will be able to continue with the tasks that require less mental concentration.


A great way to stay motivated and productive during the telecommuting is to establish a reward system for themselves. You can strike a deal with yourself if you complete one of your tasks, you can take a walk or watch an episode of your favorite show, This will generate that you maintain a better focus in order to achieve that reward that you set for yourself.

We hope that this blog has been helpful for these new challenges that are outlined after the arrival of the COVID-19, remember that in Webtrabajos you find an ally for him marketing digital and the creation of the best websites with the SEO packages.



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