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SEO trends 2020

Year 2020 He not only started a new year, but also began a new decade. In the field of online marketing, the search engine optimization (SEO) will continue to play an important role. Much of what has worked so far and played an important role is becoming even more important. Then, heroes seek to discover exactly what that is and what trends will be added in 2020 .

Link building remains a central theme in SEO Trends 2020

Google's basic idea was and remains that high quality recommendations as links are an important factor classification. That did not change in 2020. It is still important that a website receives high quality recommendations. This is the only way to ensure a good position in search engines. Without relevant backlinks, no content will land at the top today.

What will be increasingly important in the future is not the number of links, but the quality. In 2012, Google Penguin Update launched to counter the purchased links and other methods of spam, and since then he has steadily followed the path you have chosen. The issue will be even more relevant in 2020. The emphasis here is on the word “relevance”, because that's exactly what the construction is future links. Links should be relevant, which also means it will decrease the number of backlinks. As operator websites or search engine optimizer, it comes to finding reliable providers whose website links have a high-ranking domain and has the power link for.

BERT learns to understand people

SEO trend 2020 It is to holism, especially with regard to specific search queries through voice recognition or queries in the form of complete sentences. Google has learned a lot in recent years that it's no longer just individual keywords, but a search query is always in the context of complete sentences and filler words are also very important. This procedure is particularly important for voice recognition promising. Google's response is BERT. Thanks to this technology, the giant search engines can now understand and process queries complete and long sentences. Conversely, for online marketers, This means they have to focus even more on content. The “SEO tactics” in which, for example, complete sentences and essay questions are answered long answers, they do not work. A glance at German search results shown. Individual questions are not mentioned on the websites of the first places, but it is considered an issue holistically. Thus, It is holistic competition rather than individual keywords.

SEO Trends 2020: the content is increasingly important

The trend in recent years is also the SEO trend 2020 and future: content marketing . The extensive content, relevant and high quality has been worth in the past and it has become increasingly important. Exactly this will not change so fast. Especially in view of attendees voice, as Alexa and Siri, the user needs and stand out even more. The goal is to provide the user concrete answers your questions so they can be satisfied quickly and easily. Classical measures, in which the keywords are processed obstinately, They operate increasingly. It is increasingly important to consider an issue holistically and complete.

Video marketing is a central point of online marketing

SEO Trend 2020 It is clearly a marketing video. Moving images not only ensure that increases the length of stay, but the videos are now an essential marketing tool. Visitors can use video to inform potential customers and then sell a product or service and eventually win customers and generate sales. At the end, this process also provides positive signals SEO, which in turn have a positive effect on the ranking of a website.

What does not seem to have penetrated all is that after Google Youtube is the second largest search engine. Users are actively looking for videos and search engines can understand increasingly. For operators of websites and online marketers, The videos are part of the marketing mix and should always be used on your own website. Apply the following three rules:

Bring structure and use headers H. This allows Google to better understand the contact and, Thus, the video.
Classical optimization processes also apply to videos: Title, description and tags that are peppered with the right keywords.
Be sure to transcribe video. This allows Google and other search engines read the video and understand.

User signals become even more important

SEO Trend 2020 points further user signals. should probably be clear to every vendor that Google no longer dependent on factors difficult classification. And although not yet clearly clarified to what extent Google evaluates the signals of users as a rating factor, everyone agrees that they are of enormous importance. Soft factors are called user signals, as the time spent on a web site, bounce rate or click rate, but also the depth of displacement. All these factors are part of the user experience. If a user spends an amount of time corresponding to a website and reaches a depth corresponding displacement, This is a clear sign of good content and, especially, relevant. At the end, This is exactly what is reflected in the rankings.


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