Meet with webtrabajos how to search for keywords and find the best keywords for your blog, in order to position yourself in the top positions of the search engine ranking.

The objective of your blog can have different approaches and starting to create the articles can be a difficult task. Nevertheless, can give you great visibility of corporate brand since if you manage to position it well you can have greater visibility. For this you will need to know what your blog will focus on and secondly what will be the marketing strategy what will you use, which for this case will be the use of keywords.

Followed by choosing the appropriate topic we will establish ourselves in the market trends actual, the next step will be to choose the keywords of your article, and as previously mentioned when finding the keywords correct these will optimize your content to the maximum. Let's not forget to mention that although your content is good if you do not appear positioned in the first pages of search engines, nobody will find you. That's why i eat Webtrabajos we bring this blog that will help you, Well, we will show you how to get better visits from your audience using these secrets to find the best keywords that will help you in your positioning


Tricks to find the best keywords for your blog

It is known that finding the best keywords for search engine rankings is constantly changing due to some algorithm updates. Nevertheless, what is constant is the utility that the keywords in our content.

Then, We will give you some tips that will surely help you in the positioning from you website:

Why is it important CV?

1.- Long tail keywords

What is it Long tail, the keywords of long tail they are phrases of four, five words or more, that work for users looking for longer terms. This type of keywords They are designed for those users who know what they are looking for as they carry out more concrete and specific searches. Nevertheless, the number of searches for this type of keywords is lower, But let's not forget that long-tail keywords will attract the customers that you are really looking to reach your Web page.

And as the last advantage of the long tail keywords these are generally not as competitive as the keywords shorter, This is why they will be much easier for you to position, so your traffic will surely improve.

And if you wonder how to find a good one long tail for you website product titles are a good place to start. Search your content list keywords of products or services that are related to the search engine.

2.- Use Latent Semantic Indexing

The Latent Semantic Indexing also known as LSI in its acronym in English, is based on understanding the related terms and concepts that surround the context of a certain keywords, in order to improve the theme surrounding a keyword concrete, and in this way offer more concrete results.

This is why the more semantic words the search engines find in your content., the more relevant you will be and get a better positioning from you website.

To apply this tip in your Web page reuse the search engine tool, but this time with a broader list of your products and services.

3.- Do not miss the trends

Trends can help you find the best ones keywords for you corporate brand. Well these will give you a rough idea of ​​what is popular in terms of search for keywords according to the market you are targeting. It is important that you look for terms associated with your market and try to apply those keywords for your positioning and in this way you can get better positioning quickly.

As a facilitating tool we leave you Google Trends, this tool will help you find the keywords indicated to improve your positioning.


4.- Incorporate location-based keywords

The keywords premises work best when they have a physical location, well in this way, you website will appear in Google Maps and you can encourage your customers to buy online clearly if there is the possibility or in the store itself. The application of this tip is simple, you just have to add a country name, region, state or city to a keyword that relates to where you do your business and this will help you stand out from the crowd and show up higher in search engines.

To find keywords location-based filter your results by location. Some tools will help you by automatically filtering by country, but you will have to adjust the search even more: filtering by state, City and Zip Code.

This type of strategy can be associated a little with the long tail keywords, it also tries to section your market into something more specific to obtain better results. You may impact fewer people, but consequently the positioning of your website it will be much better.

5.- Analyze the competition

Inside of the marketing digital we will find that there are two types of people: the first who seek to optimize keywords more competitive from the beginning or there are also those who prefer to choose the keywords low competition and work on them for a while to get a good ranking with that word.

Whichever one you choose, it is a good idea to know what the level of competition is with the keywords what did you choose, in this way you can better understand the context in which you are going to develop, In addition to the competence you have and of course you will be able to determine what will be the time you need to position yourself.

How Webtrabajos We recommend that you use a payment tool such as SEMrush, Well, if you use a tool like this, the result will be what you are looking for, Well, if you don't use a tool of this type you will not achieve the efficiency you are looking for.

Additionally you can use other methods of marketing digital that will help you gain visibility, for example, you can use a platform on your blog that helps improve your SEO we can recommend our SEO package that will contribute to your visibility, without forgetting that you will find affordable prices, because we like Webtrabajos We seek to help you improve within the market by giving you the best advice for your business, do not forget to ask for yours.


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