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build a powerful digital marketing strategy

To prosper as a company in this digital age, a well-structured digital marketing strategy is required..

How to start and structure an action plan?

Let's dig deeper and help you describe your process now..

There are tons of tips included in this post. Make it easy to run with these templates:

  • user person
  • marketing strategy (Excel and PowerPoint)
  • content, social media and email marketing (PowerPoint)

Identify the person of your buyers

It all starts with who you want to target. Who is your buyer? What kind of person are they? What are your preferences?

If you have not yet established a clear image of your buyers' personality, now is the time to do it.

You must define who is your ideal buyer. Know what your wishes and goals are: delve into how they perceive and understand things.

How they can be used in marketing

Once you become familiar with both your buyers and your psychologists, you will know what to offer them and how to connect with them in the most attractive way.

You will become very precise about it.

For example, a healthcare network may have Mary-the-Working-Mom as its primary customer, characterized as follows:

A buyer's personality gives you focus. You will know who to contact and what to offer. Now you can position your offer in a way that directly solves your problems.

If you can show at Mary of the world that you understand, then they will look at you when the occasion requires it. All because you have adapted your services to them.

You have cared enough to put all your efforts into one person.

That is the power to know the personality of your buyer.

The power of digital marketing over traditional advertising is the fact that you can target someone as specific as Mary and put the right message in front of the right people at the right times.