build a powerful digital marketing strategy

To prosper as a company in this digital age, a well-structured digital marketing strategy is required..

How to start and structure an action plan?

Let's dig deeper and help you describe your process now..

There are tons of tips included in this post. Make it easy to run with these templates:

  • user person
  • marketing strategy (Excel and PowerPoint)
  • content, social media and email marketing (PowerPoint)

Identify the person of your buyers

It all starts with who you want to target. Who is your buyer? What kind of person are they? What are your preferences?

If you have not yet established a clear image of your buyers' personality, now is the time to do it.

You must define who is your ideal buyer. Know what your wishes and goals are: delve into how they perceive and understand things.

How they can be used in marketing

Once you become familiar with both your buyers and your psychologists, you will know what to offer them and how to connect with them in the most attractive way.

You will become very precise about it.

For example, a healthcare network may have Mary-the-Working-Mom as its primary customer, characterized as follows:

A buyer's personality gives you focus. You will know who to contact and what to offer. Now you can position your offer in a way that directly solves your problems.

If you can show at Mary of the world that you understand, then they will look at you when the occasion requires it. All because you have adapted your services to them.

You have cared enough to put all your efforts into one person.

That is the power to know the personality of your buyer.

The power of digital marketing over traditional advertising is the fact that you can target someone as specific as Mary and put the right message in front of the right people at the right times.

Creating Buyers

You may be able to imagine your target audience's preferences. Let's perfect that image and make sure we have a clear representation of your ideal customer..

Investigation. It is the first step to make your buyer's personality as defined as possible.

Interview with clients and prospects

Already have a returning customer? Okay. Interview them.

Just use incentives to entice these people to interview you. You have probably found this strategy in many companies.

For example, a telecommunications company can ask its long-term customers to answer a survey, and give them some reward points or discounts on bills as an incentive.

If you are still looking to reach potential customers, can do the same. Interview them through a survey, then give an incentive in the form of a discount code, or something like that.

Nevertheless, interviews should not be limited to survey forms. You can invite some insightful participants to a real meeting, physics, of the ‘next level’.

You can make a round table. Give these people snacks and pay their room and board. Treat them with VIP benefits.

In any case, be sure to ask the questions of . What product of ours do you like the most and why? Why do you prefer service A over service B? Which offer is more attractive to you

Once the interview is over, You should have gotten a complete picture of your buyers' personality. You will get an idea of ​​what really appeals to you, and their intuitive mind will start executing ideas to make your business even more attractive to them.

Focus on the end result

You may have made an exaggeration talking about the personality of the buyers, but its power cannot be underestimated.

Continuing, the next big thing is paying attention to the outcome of your marketing strategy.

What is your main goal?

The best digital marketing strategy is one that is aligned with your goals.

Sometimes, you can lose yourself in a sea of ​​goals. Many marketers do it, so it is crucial to know what stage you are in.

Let's say it is the first time that you define the personality of your buyer (also known as his avatar). So I guess you're still in the beginning phase. In this phase, obviously you need to get more leads.

After all, the sales process, either in the digital or conventional business world, can be summarized in three stages.

Guides. Conversions. Sales.

Your current primary target could fall into any one of these three., and all you need to do now is know where you are.

Why is it important CLV?

Launch targeted campaigns

Targeted campaigns or ads are offers placed before a “objective” specific. We mean your avatar. The personality of your buyers.

You can ask: How does this step help me create my digital marketing strategy?

Targeted campaigns can help you with your research. It will allow you to refine your audience, know what they want and how they want it to be delivered.

Let's say you're a B2B company. You could learn a lot from a tactic launched by Lloyds Banking Group. They used a multifaceted campaign that started with Direct Mail, with email follow-ups, digital screen and telemarketing.

Agree, do not miss. This campaign was directed at 70,000 companies from different sectors. The DM presented a scorecard mechanic, inviting small business owners to review their banking agreements. Also included a questionnaire, with results that were immediately compared with Lloyds banking services.

The result? More of 700 of the targets changed their accounts. The strategy? Wasn't a kind of thing at a glance. It was a private and direct commitment. It was a targeted campaign that focused on Lloyds' superior respect for relationships and customer service.

Monitor KPI

EI hope I haven't lost you there. After all, this post is not an article about different digital marketing strategies. It's about how to structure your own set.

Let me summarize before I get to the KPIs. (Than, by the way, means key performance indicators ) .

you need to review your vision, mission and objectives. If you don't have any of these now, you may need to do specific market research to find out what people want. If you don't, not in a position to give them an offer.

If you can't offer them anything useful, we're just hitting each other here for nothing.

I hope I have made my point since KPIs will be useless without clarifying these things.

Ahora .

This is how you configure them.

I'm not saying you should ignore all other metrics, but if you want to go deeper into a topic or a goal, you may want to filter out things that distract you, for now.

You can always go back and monitor other metrics; just make sure you set your goals right in Analytics.

Take advantage of the right strategy

Usually, Establishing a well-defined and well-structured digital marketing strategy may have to do with three things.

avatar. current goals. intuition

When you know who you want to reach and serve, everything else must fit. Your avatar almost only defines what you should do and how you should act..

What gives you direction are your current goals. No focus, can't even begin to choose a digital marketing tactic to use, much less a set of them.

Finally, your intuition needs to guide you and keep your balance, a balance between maintaining what you are currently doing and changing plans when the time calls for it.

To be honest, Any marketing success goes back to pleasing your chosen avatar. It is the personality of buyers again. And if that person has changed, it's up to you to evolve with them, or just find someone else to take care of.

After all, the power of a marketing strategy is not in the plan itself. It's in the psychology of the client you're using it for.

You will see, digital marketing will always be more fluid than traditional marketing. Our social interaction has never evolved so fast before.

Be flexible about your KPIs and campaigns. Set a time frame for you to test and change your tactics if they don't work for you.

The most important thing is that you have all your data with you.

Data can mean almost everything when it comes to optimizing your marketing campaigns . Save that data and use it to redefine your set of strategies as you progress with your business


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