Currently COVID 19 has caused the corporate world to adopt a new virtual work environment, where supply chains have changed and the way of selling has been transformed, in such a way that companies have had to learn to do it online, as a way to ensure that the company or institution does not become another victim of the virus.
Nevertheless, there are still many companies, especially retailers that still do not dare to handle an online sales strategy, since they think that it is very dangerous or that they are not even able to handle them. So for all those people who still don't dare to venture into the online world, webtrabajos has brought you an article as a motivation for you to dare to sell online and discover a new way of doing things in your company.

Why sell online?

In this crisis, knowing how to sell online is essential and, Thus, creating an online store can help your company mitigate the negative impacts of this pandemic, since the main advantage of online sales is that the customer can find it anywhere and at any time of the day. It doesn't matter if they're sitting on the couch in the house, on their lunch break at work or even if they're looking for your store late at night; they can complete a purchase online regardless of whether you are physically, since online payment facilitates the process and avoids the loss of potential customers. And if we have not yet convinced you to start selling online, we have brought you 5 more reasons why you dare to do it.

1. You will increase your sales instantly

Businesses often have to do everything they can to keep increasing their profits. While you may already have a loyal customer base, it can be difficult to acquire new customers and keep them coming back.
Putting your business online can solve this problem almost instantly.. Providing your customers with the convenience of ordering online and receiving products delivered directly to their doorstep gives them more reasons to buy from you in this pandemic time where home is recommended.. further, your website will be visible on Google and will reach more customers.
Consumers can now buy what they need with just a few clicks. Many people even buy directly from their smartphones.. When you sell online, you will reach many customers who use the web to find what they want and need to buy. You can quickly increase your sales, customer acquisition and customer retention, All at the same time.

2. You can better market your business

In 2020, the most effective forms of marketing are generally done over the internet. That means having a website that you can sell directly from can be a huge advantage.. When you link your digital marketing to your website, can keep customers coming.
Selling online also helps with other digital marketing methods. You can promote products on social media and even create videos and infographics to reach more people.. further, you can use blog content to direct people to your product pages.

3. Can increase customer retention

Although attracting new customers is a good strategy, encouraging repeat sales works even better. Customers you've impressed in the past are more likely to shop with you regularly and spend more.
Selling online increases customer retention in several ways. On the one hand, customers interested in your business can explore your full range of products or services online. Give them a way to see all you have to offer, and they will be even more attracted. It's more, now they have the convenience of buying from you in the comfort of their own home.
You could even further increase customer retention by giving them a reason to return.. Many online stores allow customers to create accounts where they can accumulate points for rewards. Giving customers online rewards can inspire them to come back to your business in the future.

4. Helps you beat your competition

Putting your business online can also help you stand out ahead of your competition.. Any retailer that does not allow customers to buy from them online will be considered obsolete. Simply having a fast and easy to use online store will make people more likely to buy from you instead of your competitors.

5. can save you money

Making more sales helps increase your income, But cutting costs can help you increase your profit margins even more.. Selling online can help you cut costs in certain parts of your business to further increase your profits..
When you introduce new products in a physical store, you often have to spend more on storage, exhibits, logistics and other parts of the process. Nevertheless, selling them online can instantly save you money in all of these areas.
Some companies sell certain products exclusively online, so all they have to face is shipping. You can even use the fulfillment centers to help you with logistics. Nowadays, some retailers even operate exclusively online to save money opening new locations and cope with expensive maintenance and staffing costs..

Advantages of online sales

These are the main reasons that first-time established merchants are turning to online selling as a primary source of income..
1. Your product, your data, Your clients
You have full control over your product, the database and also your customers. You do not need to share the data with other sellers on other platforms.

2. Possibility of full brand building
If you want to differentiate your products in terms of quality, appearance, packaging and perceived value, must build a brand on them. You can't build your brand on someone else's platform. Thus, must go with your own branded online store.
3. More control over store layout, user experience, the appearance
You can customize your store to your liking. You have full control and freedom to configure the layout, the images, the buttons, the text and other elements you want.
4. SEO possibility (search engine optimization) internal and external
You can control internal and external SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as you like. There are some on-page and off-page SEO settings that you can configure on your own website..
5. Direct interaction with buyers through live chat or support channels
You can interact directly with your potential buyers and existing customers through your own website. This can be done via live chat or ticket support channels.
6. Loyal and repeat customer base
Your own store means your own brand. If you establish a pleasant bond with your client, they will always come back and buy from you repeatedly. further, refer other potential buyers to your website and eventually buy from you.
7. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Analytics to analyze the behavior of potential buyers
You can implement your own CRM or customer relationship management system in your own online store. This system analyzes the buying behavior patterns of its customers. further, this system interacts directly with your customer base. You can set up different promotional campaigns and marketing activities with your CRM data. further, you can integrate your preferred analytics system like Google Analytics, Clicky, Piwik, Mixpanel, etc., as you wish.


In this case webtrabajos helps you create your website and configure your online store, You just have to leave your information at the bottom of this article and we will contact you, to make the online sales process easier and thus avoid the hassle of creating the page, and that your only thought is to sell.

What should I do when I already have my online store?

As soon as you have your online store it is necessary that you inform your customers that you sell online, since communication with the customer is essential during this coronavirus pandemic. further, people stay at home and online, so be sure to inform them of any changes you make to your business, including online sale.
Create a bold call to action on your website homepage that links to your online store or products, and Share the news on your social media channels and online business listings, in addition, create online advertising targeting new customers looking to shop online.


There are many ways to promote your online store, both free and paid, that can help you get more traffic and eventually increase sales, among these are:


1. Run a Facebook campaign: If you want to get some traffic and even make sales, consider running Facebook ads with the goal of ‘website conversions’, since this strategy, it's easy to use, efficient and profitable, plus you can promote your message (sales announcement) to the right people through guidance


2. Use Google Ads: With Google Ads you can place your ad in Google search results or on thousands of websites running Google Adsense.
Campaigns can be highly targeted as they are based on the keywords people use in the Google search box and you only get paid for clicks on your ads (PPC), which also makes them profitable.


3. Start a blog: While the 2 methods described above are paid, starting a blog for your ecommerce store is free.
The purpose of having a blog will be to get more organic traffic from search engines and also more leads from social networks..
Not only do you get a steady stream of targeted organic traffic (free), It is also a good way to establish your web business as a leader in your niche..


4. Start a newsletter and email marketing: When you run PPC campaigns (of Facebook or Adwords) one of your goals (In addition to making a sale) is to obtain the email address of your potential customers.
A high-quality blog with interesting content is one of the best ways to do this., but also a well-designed landing page can serve this purpose for people visiting your site from PPC.
Once you build an email list, you can use it as part of your email marketing efforts to send a newsletter or other content (offers, polls) to your subscribers. Email lists still convert and you will be amazed at the results.


5. Socialize: In addition to Facebook, there are other social networks that are excellent for promoting online stores. The most important ones worth trying are: Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram y LinkedIn.
Nevertheless, to be successful you must have a specific plan and goals and not just use them because you read somewhere that they can help you increase sales.

Tips to attract an audience to your online store during COVID-19

1. Quality photos

Take attractive photos of your products. Spend a little time making your photos look professional. Not sure you can do this on your own? There are probably a lot of local photographers looking for work right now who can help you.

2. Product names and descriptions

Create well-written product names and descriptions. Keep the names simple and descriptive of what the product really is. Add any additional and essential details (color, size, weight, etc.) in the product description.

3. Automate as many processes as possible

Since business is limited, it will be important to find ways to be as efficient as possible right now. Your ecommerce platform should be able to do a lot of this for you., how to automatically create delivery notes and determine sales tax.

4. Set up online newsletters

As you build your e-commerce platform, add a newsletter / online email campaign to your website and social media platforms to allow customers to stay up-to-date on new offers and changes your business may face right now.

To complete, Selling online is the best option in these times of pandemic where many companies, both wholesalers and retailers, have seen their income affected. further, is a sales strategy that can continue to be used, even when the whole world situation that we are currently experiencing is normalized.

Therefore, if you want to be part of the thousands of companies that are daring to change their way of selling, You can contact webtrabajos or leave your information in the form at the bottom, and we will help your company continue and not be as we said at the beginning one more of the


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