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advantages of a administrable website

When we started designing websites many years ago, were mainly HTML sites. They were just HTML sites. Easy to build, but keeping them was difficult. It would be particularly difficult when the site had many pages.

If the customer asked to update a phone number on a page; we would need to make that change on every page of the website. Thus, it was time consuming and it required a lot of effort for things that did not add too much value. I mean, change a phone number that took hours and hours, it wasn't the best use of your time. Things changed for the better when we started designing websites using CMS .

Now a similar task using a CMS takes no more than a few minutes.. Change it in one place and it is reflected on all pages. So you can spend your time on more creative and productive things. How to work on a new idea or design. Get more done with less effort.

CMS Vs. Static Websites

A content management system (CMS) can be seen as a computer application that allows the creation and modification of digital data. This computer application or CMS has many functions that allow you to manage content efficiently.

A CMS website is, Thus, dynamic and database-based. Pages and their content are stored in the database. When you request a page, the app processes and creates the page on the go. Thus, the information could be different every time. Depends on what information the user requested.

Let's take, for example, search function on a website. The search results page would look different every time, depending on the information you are looking for. In the same way, the comments, The qualifications, blog posts, pages are examples or dynamic data created by CMS application. The information displayed may be different for different users.

Static websites

on the other hand, they are flat pages. And the information stored on the pages does not change. They are displayed exactly as they are stored for all users. These types of websites are also called HTML websites.. The information is encoded or written on the website itself. Which is then stored on the web server as is. That is why it is called a flat file. .

Thus, if you need to modify a static website, You must modify the actual content of that website. And post it back to the web server using some kind of FTP software.

There is a learning curve associated with using such software. You will also need a certain level of technical knowledge to be able to do this.. Thus, Most website owners would find it difficult to work with static websites.

Conversely, updating a CMS website is very easy through the Admin Panel. It is a centralized password protected area with tools for administrators and other authorized users. And it is generally used to control and configure different options for the website.

CMS Benefits List

In a good ecosystem where a successful CMS platform creates a lucrative market for allied services as themes, templates and plugins . And at the same time, lots of allied services and plugins create a favorable wave for CMS .

Let's dive directly into the advantages it offers. Some advantage notables of a CMS about the traditional websites are given below. Precisely we will discuss today 8 CMS benefits.

1 - Sitio Web Fácil De Actualizar

Un sistema de gestión de contenido facilita la actualización de su sitio web. Simplemente inicie sesión en el Panel de CMS , puede crear una nueva página o publicación. Y todo lo que se necesita son unos pocos clics para hacerlo. Es muy fácil agregar contenido, images, audios y videos a su sitio. Esto lo alienta a crear más contenido y también a mantener actualizado el contenido existente. Thus, su sitio web se mantiene actualizado con contenido nuevo y actualizado.

Los sitios web son cada vez más importantes para las empresas. Y tener contenido actualizado puede crear una buena impresión entre sus usuarios. Una empresa necesita mantener sus páginas de productos y servicios actualizadas en todo momento. They should also update their website regularly by posting company news., Press releases, events happening in the company, etc. A company that does this gives the impression of a company with a future vision, who cares about keeping in touch with their customers.

2 - Easy Search Information

Websites come in many shapes and sizes. There are those who have only one page. And there are some with many thousands of pages. For a large site with many thousands of pages, one would need a mechanism to search for information quickly and easily.

Searchability becomes an important feature of any modern website. Since all the information on a CMS website is stored in a database, search implementation becomes easy. What is sought is compared to the content of the database in terms of relevance. And the results were then presented in table form to the user. Then, the user can scan the search results and choose the most relevant from the list.

All CMS websites have built-in search functionality . This allows the user to easily search and locate the information they are looking for. Without this feature, it may not make sense to have huge sites. What good is it if you can't find the information you're looking for.