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Already you know the new keyword LSI?

General Buscadoresen, and Google in particular, regularly search for content on the web. The algorithm evaluates the new content for certain keywords and define which ads appear in every part of search results. In addition to the keywords already known that should appear in a text to Google to recognize them, There is now called LSI keyword. It means the term LSI “Latent Semantic Indexing” and describes the relationship between a term key and a primary keyword. It's related. When used correctly, LSI keyword ensures that search engines better find your text and increases the visibility of your domain accordingly. But Google not only benefits from the keyword LSI. The reader also enjoys reading a good flow, because you no longer use only one keyword, but it becomes possible linguistic diversity. This is also one of the reasons why keyword LSI is not only attractive to web word, but it is also of great importance in the print media and corporate communication. One experienced SEO agencies , as the heroes search, They can help you identify and use these keywords keywords. Test it!

How the keyword LSI

LSI keyword describes a process which classifies the text content into categories. All the words that are relevant to the subject area are included in a sort of list. If the search engine finds text on the web using a lot of words from the list, Google's robot knows what main keyword matches the text. The good thing is: the main keyword does not have to be used once. Here the search engine has changed in recent years. In the past it was important to name a particular keyword in a given frequency to rank well, It does not matter anymore. Keyword stuffing, as it is called frequent mention of a keyword, It is even banned by Google guidelines. For the user, always it tried to get an answer to a question. And in a text that is as easy to read as possible. Google now makes it possible. Synonyms, contexts and thematic connection is now sufficient for a text to rank well.

LSI keyword: the future of search engine optimization

Most people now realize that it is no longer important to mention a certain key as often as possible. He made optimizing the search engine fairly easy. Thanks to the keyword LSI, keyword research now means a lot more effort. Because they must create collections of keywords. Here it is better to collect all terms related to the main keyword. For example, and “Home building” outside the main keyword, Key words “property search”, “Construction companies”, “sanitation” and the like would LSI keywords. Synonyms of individual words should also be included in the collection of keywords.

In addition to an intuitive collection of keywords LSI, which are highly relevant should, Of course, be very high. Here, Google itself provides a convenient way to examine keywords for the frequency of your inquiry. Regrettably, the service now has been linked to an AdWords campaign and, Thus, It is no longer available for free for all. The tool is still highly recommended because it can automatically generate relevant search terms for a specific keyword LSI. To not get stuck and sit on the wrong horse, words that do not have a high search volume should not be considered.

Latent Semantic Indexing

Armed with LSI keywords investigated, You can create texts for the website. At the same time, LSI keywords provide ideas for content. Because if you want to use the keywords chosen, you must write a text corresponding. By the way, This also helps the creator text. You do not have to rhyme with anything, but it provides relevant content.

He definitely worth the effort. A user will not show the text only mentions the main keyword as often as possible. In the best case, you will get the answer to your question; in understandable language, easy to read and focused on the target group. Texts become more attractive and bounce rate can be reduced. Because the user already decided when scanning for the first time if it's worth reading the text or not look at the next result in the list of results. If the text appeals to you, It will stay and perhaps see other texts.

Relevant keywords LSI increase the visibility of your company in many ways. A low bounce rate is compatible with the ranking of your page and the Google bot will be easier to sort your text correctly because the keywords used. This also leads to better visibility Word Wide Web.

LSI keywords are the future. Make search engines are text-friendly. The texts can be written very well, since it is no longer important to accommodate certain words in a special spelling.

LSI keyword: not only suitable for web

Those who believe LSI keywords are relevant only for web texts and Google are misleading. Consistent use of certain terms in different texts also ensures brand recognition value and. Well done, ensures that a reader knows after the first few lines of text which company was created. If these texts are not only used in flyers, brochures and on the web, but also in their own social media channels, news portals and news services, the range can increase enormously. The dream of every PR professional. Because the keyword and LSI marketing should not only be seen in relation to a channel, online or offline, but also in connection with each other.


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